Top ten reasons to study in Germany

Top ten reasons to study in Germany

Top ten reasons to study in Germany


Germany is an ideal place to seek higher education with the following being the top ten reasons to study in Germany:

  1.  With more than 409 advanced education institutions the nation over, Germany gives every student the likelihood to pick from more than 14,500 Bachelor and Master degree programs.
  2.  11 out of the 16 states in Germany have no educational cost charges by any means, while a few states require a most extreme of just 500€ every year.
  3.  German colleges and their expert scholastic staff offer high caliber and an extremely effective mode of instruction in Engineering, Medicine, Science and Economics.
  4.  The typical cost for basic items, all things considered, is around 700-800€ including rent, nourishment, transport, medical insurance, phone/internet, study materials and leisure.
  5.  There are numerous grant conceivable outcomes offered for international students to support their look out for higher education by DAAD (German Academic Exchange Service) and furthermore numerous political and business related grants are available.
  6.  Numerous colleges and universities offer international courses in English medium too. However, learning German is the key towards a successful career in Germany and is highly recommended.
  7.  International students are permitted to work for 90 full working days or 180 half working days in a year so as to help cater their expenditure. The most common salaries for student workers is 10-15 Euros on an hourly basis.
  8. International students are permitted to remain in the country for a year and half after their graduation in order for them to find them a job or continue with their further studies.
  9. Other than studying, you have the opportunity to live and explore one of the world’s most celebrated nations and its novel culture, history and modern infrastructure
  10.  Regardless of whether you’ll study as an international student, appreciate a brew at Oktoberfest, eat a top notch Worst hot dog in Frankfurt or watch a Bayern football match, you’ll have an extraordinary roller coaster ride-ques time in Germany.

Why Study in Germany

Germany is the third most prevalent destination among international students on the planet. More than twelve percent of students at German colleges originate from abroad. So why study in Germany? Well, Germany is an alluring spot to study and German college degrees are regarded as one of the finest in the world. The trademark itself, #educationmadeingermany that Eurasia Instiute Germany also stands by bosses around the world.

Why Study in Germany for Engineering


Go to top-positioned colleges in the engineering field. German colleges are constantly present in all presumed college rankings, yet they are additionally recognized for their critical commitments in the engineering field.

When you say why study in Germany for engineering, you instantly think about protected and present day streets, best autos on the planet and a wide range of mechanical innovations. All these are the aftereffects of tremendous research and advancements in the engineering and innovation field made in Germany.

So it’s very clear for any international student that searches for an engineering degree to first consider his or her study choices in Germany.

Why Germany for Masters

Why Germany for Masters? Germany is a standout among  the most prominent goals for students around the world. Almost 13% of international students at German colleges originate from abroad.

More than 1,300 global Master and PhD degree programs in a vast assortment of orders are instructed in English and most courses at state funded colleges don’t charge educational cost expenses. So when we say why Germany for masters? These are factors that make Germany the most a key educational destination for most international students:


Germany advantages and disadvantages



German colleges offer fantastic educating and research, positioning among the best on the planet.



German colleges give extraordinary scholarly projects, while colleges of connected sciences offer a scope of appealing, practice-arranged alternatives. Many examination programs join hypothesis and practice.


In correlation with different nations, Germany is very a safe country. Nearby or in the countryside, by day or by night, you can move around openly here.


Find the excellence and diversity Germany brings to the table! When you require some serious energy off from your examinations, there are 1001 methods for discovering more about your host nation. For instance, you can go to a historical center, a silver screen or a theater, you can sit in a brew plant, you can go for a stroll on a shoreline, you can swim in a lake, climb a mountain or visit an old palace.



Compared to other European nations, the cost of living in Germany is very reasonable. The costs for sustenance, accommodation, garments, cultural occasions, and so forth are basically in accordance with the EU average. You will require around 700-800 Euros a month to cover your living expenses. The largest cost is your monthly rental lease.

Why study business in Germany?

Here are five reason of why study business in Germany:

  1. The German economy is one of the strongest in the world offering several job opportunities.
  2. German focuses immensely on its R&D and investments a lot with regards to finances and human capital as well.
  3. Innovation and economic freedom to invest in any business makes it one of the most favorable destinations for foreign investors
  4. Not all work and no play in freedom

Why work in Germany

  1. Here are top five reasons of why we should choose Germany for work:
  2. Germany is the largest economy in Europe with an extremely competent and educated labor force
  3. With German being the primary language and of daily use in offices, several of the global organizations and new startups offer work in English language as well.
  4. Germany is the face behind the EU along with France making the German work permit very useful with regards to traveling and seeking opportunities in Europe
  5. The standard of living in Germany is extremely high with low monthly costs to go with.
  6. With the standard options of usually 20-25 days of holiday available in the entire year, Germany offers extremely student friendly and employee friendly environments for international and local workers


Why Learn German?

Why Learn German?

Why Learn German?

For those who are debating why learn German, then they unaware of many aspects or realities. Learning German language can benefit in terms of networking potential, economic potential and the cultural gain. In the recent years, Germany has become a hot spot for students and working professionals for work and careers across different fields.

To Why learn German becomes essential for foreigners when they come to Germany for studying or for work.

How to learn German Language

The notable institutes like ours (Eurasia Institute) and few others are the accredited centers where foreigners can learn the German language under the expertise of best instructors and the friendly environment.

The German language course is divided into 6 parts of modules. They cover from the basics to the advanced learning of the German language.

  1. A1: This is the first stage where the learner has no knowledge of the German language. The student is required to develop the basic grammar skills and to improve his vocabulary. He learns how to make simple inquiries in speaking and in writing.
  2. A2: At this level, the learner has some knowledge of the German language. He learns how to speak German and expresses himself in familiar and routine situations. In fact, he is able to read and understand simple texts.
  3. B1: At the B1 stage, the student consolidates and revises the basic terms of the grammar structures. He is skilled enough to lead conversations on some interesting topics as well.
  4. B2: At this point, the learner gets command over the essentials of German language. He can read, write, practice and conduct discussions on work-related issues or even other topics.
  5. C1: By the C1 stage, the student has a pretty good command over the German language. He can write on many topics and clearly express while speaking the language.
  6. C2: This is the last stage of learning of German language. He learner can express fluently and work on plenty of topics in different areas on his own.

For those who are wondering how to learn German from home, can study it through a website.  There are quite a few notable and genuine websites where German language can be learned at your own pace. One website where you can learn German free is that provides simple and self-regulating lessons which makes the learning fun as well.

Learn German online

Another renowned website where students and professionals can learn German is where learning is made simpler in just 5 minutes a day. They can take advantage of personalized learning, receive immediate grading, improve quickly and even stay motivated with the rewards.

This website is popular amongst school kids as well. Around 200,000 teachers use Duolingo in schools to assign fun homework, run interactive activities, and provide the students confidence in the language abilities.

The best online German course can be found at where you get the chance to learn the essentials and advance learning across different scenarios and for routine conversations. An efficient and objective has been undertaken so that learners speak the language quickly and easily.

The learners get to memorize the words, phrases and the practical expressions that are useful for traveling and in everyday life. They get to pronounce the words loud like in case of numbers that they can practice at any time of the day. Moreover, usage of the pocket dictionary side by side is always useful and can enrich the vocabulary as well as enable the individual to find the translation of new words.

Thus, learning of German language is interesting and not too tough at all. Since the German language draw some roots from the English language, the learners do not find it a daunting task to learn the language gradually.

Why Choose Germany for abroad Study?

Why Choose Germany for abroad Study?

Why Choose Germany

If you are debating of why should I choose Germany for my aboard studies, then your choice is a good one indeed. Germany has got many quality institutes for graduate and undergraduate programs where you can enroll with your area of interest respectively.

Why study in Germany for international students

There are plenty of reasons for international students to pursue education in Germany. They are as follows;

  1. Germany is home to 409 advanced and top notch educational institutions. This means that students get to choose from a huge number of courses with ease. There are combine 14, 500 bachelor and masters programs being offered these days.
  2. The German colleges have hired the best faculty of scholastic staff that provide effective mode of instruction for the fields of Science, Economics, Medicine and Engineering.
  3. Out of 16 states in Germany, 11 states have no educational cost for the students. A few others require students to pay 500 Euros of education expense every year.
  4. The typical cost for the basic necessities is roughly between 700 to 800 Euros. This expense includes the cost of transport, food, medical insurance, study materials, phone/internet and leisure.
  5. Many of the colleges and universities provide curriculum in English language. Yet, learning of the German language is found important for a successful career in Germany and highly recommended for the students.
  6. While the students study in Germany, many international students are offered grants by DAAD or German Academic Exchange Service to support their educational endeavors.
  7. The international students are allowed to work besides their study to bear the educational expense as well. They can either work full 90 days or for choose for 180 half working days in a year. The students can earn between 10-15 Euros per hour.
  8. Apart from studying, students get the chance to live and explore Germany. They can get to know its rich culture, history and exciting tourist places.
  9. Another advantage for international students is that they can stay in Germany after graduation to search for a job. Or else they can pursue higher level of studies.

Why study in Germany for Engineering 

Why choose Germany ? The German colleges for Engineering are recognized for their critical commitments in the engineering field. A lot of research and development is taking place in innovation and engineering in Germany. Many of the college have got good ranking and known for technological and engineering advancements throughout the world.

So, a lot of international students look forward to pursue engineering seeing its demand and scope in Germany.

Top universities in Germany

Germany is renowned to provide world class education and training at affordable cost. Following are the famous universities in Germany to look out for the international students as they pursue their educational goals.

1. Technische Universität München

2. Ludwig-Maximilians – Universität München

3. Ruprecht-Karls-Universität Heidelberg

4. Pack, Karlsruher Institut für Technologie

5. Humboldt-Universität zu Berlin

6. Freie Universität Berlin

7. Rheinisch-Westfälische Technische Hochschule Aachen

8.  Universität Freiburg

9. Technische Universität Berlin

10. Eberhard Karls Universität Tübingen


The biggest catch for the international students in Germany is the availability of many government funded and non- government funded scholarships. These scholarships bring down the education expense to bear minimum or none at all.

If you are unsure how to study in Germany and need relevant information, you can reach us. The Eurasia institute is one of the leading and popular pathway provider of education in Germany. It provides educational solutions to the graduate, undergraduate students as well as assists the job seekers and professionals in Germany.

You can even learn the German language in our institute and then appear for TestDaf exam to become eligible to enroll in any college or university in Germany.



Work after study in Germany

Work after study in Germany

Work after study in Germany

 Job opportunities in Germany after masters are really high , you should begin making arrangements while you’re as yet student. With an “internal stock” you can enhance the accomplishment of your pursuit of employment. Job opportunities in Germany after masters offers you shouldn’t just utilize the web, yet in addition other accommodating sources.

Work after study in Germany

  • Break down yourself before you look for a vocation
  • Exploit every one of the open doors, not only the web!
  • Data about employment prospects
  • Communicating in German
  • Agenda


Study and work in Germany for international students

is permitted to stay in Germany with the end goal of searching for work for a most extreme of year and a half subsequent to graduating. These year and a half pass snappier than you might suspect, so it’s essential to begin work chasing amid the last semester of your degree, or at the most recent “four months previously completing your investigations,” prompts Maria-Theresa Jansen from the “Agentur für Arbeit” work office in Bonn.

According to the Right of Residence direction, there are no time confinements on working amid the pursuit of employment stage.


Germany visa requirements

Are as same as gaining a Germany PR requirements. They  firmly attached to your nationality and your purposes behind coming to Germany. Most importantly, nationals of EU or EEA part states needn’t bother with  Germany permanent residence requirement  by any means.

For whatever length of time that they move to Germany for work or study or have some approach to monetarily bolster themselves, they appreciate full versatility inside the EU. Upon entry, despite everything they have to enlist with the nearby specialists, however.

For an expat from outside the EU, Germany PR requirement is typically issued with the end goal of business or training in Germany.

It is additionally conceivable to get one for joining a companion or parent living in Germany. Notwithstanding, in the last case, this does not really incorporate consent to German work visa.

The span of your living arrangement allow for the most part mirrors your own circumstance, i.e. you’re living and working conditions. Getting an augmentation is normally not an issue if your circumstance doesn’t change. For instance, if you stay with German work visa for quite a long time, your home allow ought to be restored as usual.


Non-German and Non-EU nationals will get German work visa  if properly meeting the set qualification criteria.

Germany invites transients, saw as an extra incentive for Germany’s economy and demography, genuinely empowering to hone their abilities and capabilities inside the propelled economy of Germany.

In spite of, they may just wind up noticeably qualified laborers if holding the satisfactory PR requirements in Germany and German work visa.

Along these lines, the article concentrates on expediting the important data the criteria and authoritative tenets applying,  looking to be a piece of the German work visa.


Talking about the German work visa, the German economy has an incredible interest for experts in various occupations, particularly in its field, Engineers, Health, research and then some.


Non-EU scholastics, researchers, analysts, graduate students and different experts can get German work visa,  under the PR requirement Germany  and the Employment Regulation, while EU nationals are liable to the Freedom of Movement Act of EU.

Qualified remote specialists in Germany

Getting a Germany work visa, includes holding a work allow, as an approving report giving the allow to end up some portion of the German work showcase.

In the method for picking up a work allow, holding a living arrangement allow is an impulse, as an approving archive of work after study in Germany for international Students.

Some time recently, transients were obliged to apply for work and habitation allow in two unique experts, however as of late the strategy is improved and orchestrated through the reception of a solitary allow order of the European Union.

Single allow mandate covering Germany work visa  and Germany PR requirements.


Holding a solitary allow lawfully approves non-EU nationals to work and live in the EU nations, including Germany, through a solitary application strategy to a solitary expert.

Single allow applies for two classes of outside nationals:work permit in Germany for international students

Non-EU nationals who mean to enter Germany for work and living arrangement,

Non-EU nationals, as of now living in Germany with access to German occupations

Single allow covers:

Single application technique for working and living in Germany,Rights for non-EU laborers, equivalent to German subjects.

Nationals of the European Union, and additionally natives of the United States of America, Australia, Canada, Israel, Japan, New Zealand, Switzerland, the Republic of Korea can apply for their home allow for work purposes subsequent to entering Germany without a visa. Residents of different nations are required to apply and acquire a visa for work purposes before entering Germany.


Work after study in Germany for Pakistani Students : After the application has been affirmed by the Aliens’ Office and by the Work Office, the Embassy will issue you a home allow as a visa, which will incorporate an approval allowing you to work in Germany. You don’t have to acquire no additional work allow subsequent to landing in Germany.


Required Documents


  • Two completely finished application shapes
  • Two travel permit photos (see our page on photograph prerequisites for more information as there are strict necessities)
  • Legitimate national identification (more data on international ID necessities)
  • Work contract or letter of purpose from your future manager in Germany
  • Your driver’s permit or potentially service charge in your name as confirmation of habitation in the consular where you intend to apply
  • You are likewise required to submit photocopies of every one of these records, get safeguarded and pay a visa charge of 60 Euro.
  • Work after Study in Germany For India Students


What is the TestDaf?

What is the TestDaf?

What is the TestDaf?

 The TestDaf is a language proficiency examination for foreign students that aspire to study in Germany. The TestDaf is also required if you are needed to provide language proficiency certification at your university or college. The formulation of the name is derived from the words “Test” and “DaF” (Deutsch ALS Fremdsprache) meaning learning the German language as an international student.

In its main headquarters at Hagen (Germany) the TestDaf examination is planned, created and marked. However, TestDaf provides students from over 70 countries the opportunity to take the examination in their home country licensed test Centers. The TestDaf examination is conducted 6 times in a year. TestDaf maintains its high standards as the examinations are rated and marked by extremely qualified people. The TestDaf is highly recognized as all German universities consider it a solid proof of German language proficiency.

TestDaf required for University Admission

The main objective of the TestDaf examination is to test the abilities of students that are planning to study in a German university which requires German language proficiency.

Most universities in Germany have their own individual policies with regards to the score that is acceptable, however generally if you gain at least TDN 4 in each of the parts, you will have a good chance of entering university based on language qualification.

A score of 4 shows satisfactory performance with 5 denoting a healthy command over the German language. It is also noteworthy for students to fulfill all other university entrance requirements (legal and financial, for instance) in order to qualify for German universities.

Usually most university websites display all the necessary academic and other requirements students need to fulfill. TestDaf examination is a proof of a foreign student’s German language proficiency, like the IELTS (International English Language Testing System) exam for English language proficiency.

The TestDaf is also required for intermediate and advance level German language learners that need certification (proof) of their language proficiency in order to either get a job or develop their professional career or to get a visa extension either in the host country of their home country. It is recommended that only after an intermediate level of German language learning has been achieved, should the student attempt the TestDaf examination.

What to expect in a TestDaF exam

The TestDaF exam comprises of four major sets making the TestDaf modellsatz (model set):

  1. Reading (3 reading texts within 60 minutes)
  2. Listening (3 listening texts within 40 minutes)
  3. Writing (1 written assignment within 60 minutes)
  4. Speaking (7 speaking assignments within 30 minutes)

The TestDaf examination lasts for a total of 3 hours and 10 minutes excluding any breaks.

The TestDaF gives students the opportunity to prepare for each specific part separately. In order to understand and get accustomed with the structure of the examination, students can practice with Modellsätze (model tests), that can be found on the official TestDaf website.

TestDaf at the Eurasia Institute Germany

Eurasia is a listed TestDaF examination centre. The digital language lab technology, modern classroom infrastructure and devoted teachers provide students with the best environment to prepare for the TestDaF exam. The Eurasia education department is always glad to assist students with the registration of the exam as well.

It is recommended that the process of TestDaf sprung anmeldung (examination registration) should be made in advance, to be able to be part of the examination format training program that lasts 2 weeks (60 units).


Moreover, TestDaf Vorbereitung courses in Berlin that include TestDaf musterprüfung (practice pattern tests) to learn the format of the examination and to master examination skills. Several other German language institutes such as the Hartnackschule Berlin offer TestDaf Vorbereitungskurs (TestDaf preparation courses). Each different city in Germany also holds its own TestDaf centre typically known by the city’s name, such as TestDaf Frankfurt with its own preparatory courses known as TestDaf Franfkurt Vorbereitungskurs.