Best Universities to Study Law in Germany

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Best Universities to Study Law in Germany

Whether judges, lawyers or commercial lawyers – the legal career attracts every year thousands of young people who decide to study at a law school. But where do you get the best legal education? The research and consulting firm Universe in collaboration with the newspaper conducts annual surveys of the human resources managers, on the basis of which a university ranking is created. How well the graduates are trained for future employment and what requirements they should fulfill to be employed by the respective company – these are the main criteria in the creation of the university ranking.

Best Universities to Study Law in Germany

Best Universities to Study Law in Germany For International Students :

The new 2015 ranking represents the best universities in Germany for studying at various degree programs, including law. First place goes to Munich LMU, closely followed by Humboldt University Berlin and Heidelberg’s Charles and Utrecht University. A first-class legal education is also granted by the Goethe University Frankfurt am Main and the University of Cologne.
Law universities in germany for international students


Ludwig Maximilian University (LMU). Top Universities in Germany

The law faculty of the Ludwig-Maximilians-University Munich regularly performs best in the university ranking created by the consulting firm University. More than 5,000 students study at the Faculty of Law, making the Faculty a top-grade faculty nationwide.

Among the most well-known graduates of the faculty are the former Federal Minister of Economics (1984-1988) and EU Commissioner Martin Bargeman (1989-1999), the former Bavarian Prime Minister Edmund Stieber (1993-2007) and Gunther Buckstein (2007-2008) as well as the Lord Mayor from Munich Christian Ude (1993-2014) and Federal Minister of the Interior Otto Schley (1998-2005).

Many graduates of the faculty have made successful careers as judges at regional courts, but also at the Federal Constitutional Court, as lawyer’s at large companies such as BASF or Munich RE, as well as lawyers, board and supervisory board chairmen.

The faculty attaches great importance to research. Major research projects are carried out in various legal disciplines: from the law of European integration and Italian law to negotiation management, medical, notary and public procurement law to European and international tax law. It is also possible to obtain a doctorate and habilitate at the faculty.

Humboldt University Berlin

One of the most renowned universities in Germany – the Humboldt University Berlin – has a diverse range of law studies. In the European Law School of the HU, which is part of the European Law School Network, you can obtain the title of European Lawyer and take three exams –

the German State Exam, the British Master of Law, a French Master or an Italian Master. The study lasts a total of five years, the students first study for three years in Berlin, after which they then continue their studies for two more years in European capitals.

In addition, there is also the possibility of obtaining a “double degree”. This program is open to 20 students who first study LLB. English Law and German Law “and then move on to Berlin for further education. In Berlin, you can take either the first legal examination, or the title Master of European

Best Universities to Study Law in Germany
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