Dropshipping Earn Money Online

What is Dropshipping ?

What is dropshipping?

Dropship is a retail fulfillment method in which the retailer does not keep any goods in stock but forwards the end customer orders and shipping details directly to the supplier, who then ships the goods directly to the end customer. Sellers derive their profit from the difference between the supplier and the selling price paid by the supplier to the seller.

Since you’re running dropshipping products at Shopify & WordPress & WooCommerce & eBay & Amazon, etc., it’s better to work with just one dropshipping partner who takes care of everything related to products and fulfillment.

How does the shipping of Shopify & WordPress & WooCommerce & eBay & Amazon etc .:

You can list or download products from Aliexpress, Alibaba Wholesale Page and List them at Shopify on & WordPress & WooCommerce & eBay & Amazon, etc. or sell your website without first buying them.
When the item is sold, you will collect the retail price and shipping costs from your customer.
Then send us the (lower) wholesale price + the shipping and handling fee.
We ship the items to your customer and send you the shipping or tracking information.
Your profit is the difference between the retail price and the wholesale price and not inventory.

Why do you have to use Drop Shipping?

The traditional problem of e-commerce business is the inventory. As we all know, marketing a category of products that only produce a lot of sales with a few products may offer hundreds of products in your store, but only with multiple products. And you have to store them in your warehouse, even if there are no sales. As there is a minimum order quantity on Alibaba when you receive products to your warehouse. In most cases, this inventory will devour your margin and you will also have to pay the salary to your warehouse workers. You also spend a lot of time with products and inventory.

Now things have changed. As entrepreneurs, all people should focus on their strengths. Chinese are good at production and shipping. The people in Europe or America are good at marketing. Then it comes to dropshipping, it makes every resource a good match, saves the garbage. MOQ will be gone as drop shipping will not make MOQ. Drop-Shipping providers can deliver the products to the various vendors to reach the MOQ. Marketing can also save time and spend more time on marketing and brand building. Drop-Shipping providers usually charge very few that will be less than this work of your own.

Do some people complain Drop shipping is a lie?

In fact, people saying that this is the one who gives up drop shipping should be easy, as a baby who plays, but nothing is easy to be a success.

Want to see how many Drop Shipping orders we’ve processed for Shopify or WooCommerce sellers every day? The drop shipment continues to grow. You think it’s a lie because you did not find a good supplier to support your business. The drop shipping business itself is a good model as the shipping method is the key point. Solve the shipping problem, so that the shipment is bright! Fortunately, we have our warehouse in the US to solve this problem! Loser says it’s a lie, the winners are diligent until; deep night and no time to talk about this topic.

Why is dropshipping still very hot?

We are a dropshipping company that was founded only in a few years. We only start with several orders a day and then hundreds, then thousands, and now we process hundreds of thousands of orders every day. We start with jewelry, then baby, at home, then electronics, television, clothes, and then crafts. Some direct mailers gave up because the Facebook ads had changed and they could not take them over. Most of them insisted on doing so and they are becoming an ever-larger international e-commerce company and have several brands. We are also growing from 1 people to 100+ people teams, and soon we will be 300+ people teams. We grow as more and larger shippers succeed, then we succeed.

Blogging Upload Videos on YouTube YouTube Earning

Upload Videos on YouTube Best Way

Upload Videos on YouTube

YouTube is the most well-known video platform on the web. So how upload videos on YouTube In times when high-definition videos can be made quickly with a Smartphone, YouTube is even more used.

Upload videos on YouTube faster But what about uploading videos to YouTube? How can you upload videos? The following guide provides information on the most important questions on the topic.

First, think about which video you want to share with the rest of the world. Fortunately, YouTube allows you to put videos on private or public.

So when it comes to showing distant relatives how big your kids have grown, maybe you should not put this video in public right now. The credo is: The Internet does not forget. Have you decided which video you want to upload privately or publicly, do it in a few steps?


Sign in to YouTube

if you want to upload videos on YouTube channel and Earn Money then You must register with YouTube if you want to upload a video. If you have a Google Account, you can do it because YouTube belongs to Google. Otherwise, go to “Create Account” in the top right corner. Follow the subsequent registration steps. If you are already registered user, just log in.


Supported file formats on YouTube

Your video must be converted to WebMD, MPEG4, 3GPP, MOV, AVI, MPEGPS, WMV, or FLV for upload videos on YouTube free. It is recommended to upload videos in the original format and in the best possible quality. You can upload 1080p (1,920 x 1,080 pixels) and 4K (4,096 x 2,304 pixels) videos as well as 3D video.


How long can a YouTube video be?

Yes you can upload any size of video but under 2 Gbs. If this given film length is not enough for you, you have the option to have your account verified. Enter your mobile number and then the confirmation code sent to you by SMS. You can now post videos that are longer than 15 minutes.


How to upload a video to YouTube

Now you can start uploading your video: Select “Upload Video” above. A white arrow appears on a red background – click here. Now select one or more videos from your computer.

If you want to upload more than one clip, hold down the Ctrl key while making your selection. Alternatively you can also drag your desired video onto the arrow.

The upload will start immediately. If you have a webcam, you can also record videos directly. To do this, click on the menu item “Record via Webcam “.


Edit and comment videos on YouTube

YouTube has its own edit menu – you have the option to edit your video online on YouTube and add comments. Immediately after the upload, you can, for example, select thumbnails, i.e. small thumbnails.


Link to your YouTube video for sharing and sharing

By default, the video uploaded from YouTube will provide a short link to your video. Click on “Show options” to choose from the following options: “Start at” allow you to strengthen your video beyond a defined timestamp. Enter the desired start marker in the field and the link updates automatically. “Long Link” shows you the full URL of the video.Which is the upload videos on YouTube benefit.


Choose a title and a description

Give your video a precise title that includes relevant keywords and a detailed description so that your video can be found better on YouTube Search. Do not use special characters and HTML here.


License of your uploaded YouTube video

Decide on the type of licensing under which your video should be listed. In addition to the preset standard YouTube license (in the user conditions described in section 6.C) you can opt for the Creative Commons license (CC), allow the benefits and processing of your video with the other people.


Create thumbnails of your video

In the lower part of the window you can see small parts of the video, so-called thumbnails. You can decide in this field which of the three displayed thumbnails should be displayed. Only when the editing of your video is completed, thumbnails will be visible under your video.


Edit and manage YouTube video later

Once your video is uploaded, you have the option of further editing and management on the page of your video. The following options are available:


Edit info: You get to the option “Settings”. Here you can configure comments, ratings, video responses, or embed your movie.

Edit video: Edit title, description and category, for example.

Edit annotations: Add text, hotspots or links to the video to ensure or inform interactivity. A detailed guide is provided by YouTube in its editor help.

Edit subtitles: In writing, engage in dialogue with your viewers and, for example, provide background information or make the video accessible to the hearing-impaired subtitles.

Audio Tracks: You can choose from a variety of audio tracks that are legally safe for your video.

Analytics: View statistics about your video.

Promoters: If you want more attention, promote your movie.

Click on the appropriate option to be redirected to the respective area. Make the desired changes to the video and click “Save Changes” to update your video.


Legal aspects of GEMA and copyright

You know it: You’re calling a video, and instead of your searched song or other content, it appears that the YouTube video is not available or is not available in your country due to GEMA rights. This has long been a tiresome topic, as reported by In order to avoid this, you will find information on the legal aspects below.


Copyright issues with YouTube videos

The use of videos on the Web is a legal gray area: Actually, even the duplication on Facebook or other social networks can be a problem, at the same time the resulting public communication. This requires the consent of the copyright holder. Authors may grant users rights of use: If a video is to be legally placed on YouTube, the rights holder (often the author) must grant a corresponding license. If this is omitted, the upload violates the copyrights.

Consequences of a violation of YouTube videos

The copyright holder of numerous pieces of music is GEMA as a collecting society. You may have already called up a video where you did not listen to any music because it was removed by GEMA for copyright reasons. But it can also happen that the entire video has to be deleted in case of copyright infringement. This episode would still be bearable, but it usually follows a letter of caution from a lawyer.


Legal warnings on YouTube

If you receive a warning, it contains a reference to the act that violates applicable law and the request to return a signed declaration of omission. By signing this statement, you agree not to use the video in question – and to pay a hefty contractual penalty. At this point, it makes sense to deal with your lawyer, because some lawyers tend to very far-reaching cease and desist. Check if this is right.


Cost of a YouTube video admonishment

If the warning is correct, in addition to the amount in dispute, which may well be € 50,000.00, you have to pay the legal fees of the lawyer reminding you. As a result, there are lawyers who have developed a new branch of business from warnings. Attorney’s fees of more than 1.000,00 Euro are not uncommon.


Claims for damages in case of infringements

Although it is not a must, but there is a risk that the author of you also claims compensation. The amount of this compensation depends on the individual case: Was it a private or commercial video? Is the legal retrieval fee? How many calls did you have? The result is a “fictitious license fee”, so it is calculated how much the video would have taken if legitimate licensing. If, for example, you have published video scenes from TV or even movie films, the damage will be much higher than with a video of the children mentioned above, which should only be shown to their relatives.


Video snippets are enough for a copyright infringement

A copyright infringement does not take place until you upload an entire movie whose author or copyright holder is not you. Tiny movie sequences are enough. For example, if you plan to add a fun re-sync to a movie scene, the consequences mentioned above may result.


Earn Money Online Make Money on Internet

Make Money on Internet these are Best 10 Ways

Make Money on Internet these are Best 10 Ways

Make money on internet? Absolutely possible with a little bit of skill! We’ll show you how to do it and introduce you to the best 10 methods.Scroll down and read full guide about Make Money Online

Earn money on the Internet

More and more people are showing that it is possible to make money online.

The whole thing is not even as abstract as you think.

After all, it’s usually just about getting as many visitors as possible.

With high numbers of visitors you can do a lot. In addition, there is also the possibility to offer services for companies or individuals on the Internet.


Do you want to earn money from home?

Write texts

This way of make money on Internet is extremely low risk and very flexible: As a copywriter, you can really make good money on the Internet, as long as you really good content – to English “content” deliver.

The content determines what information is provided to the visitors. And the more visitors a company has, the more likely it is to win.

If the content is still good and interesting, then you can bind the visitors. In addition, the ranking in search engines is significantly influenced by good content.

As a good copywriter, you can therefore offer other companies on the Internet a really good added value. Incidentally, you will be paid per text or per word. Learn more about Make Money on Internet Fast


Marketing services on the Internet

Even so, you can earn on the Internet: There are many ways to market your own service on the Internet. For example, at, you can offer your crafts to people who might be interested in your services. Ideal for craftsmen, office work or services such as babysitting.


Own websitejunaid ratyal

With your own website, you can also market yourself well. For example, if you have a special service to offer, you can promote it with your own website. Potential customers have the opportunity to get a first impression of your website and, if interested, take advantage of your service and service. With a good website, you can raise awareness and get more revenue.

Paid mails

Paid mails are promotional emails that you read and then confirmed. If you confirm a read email, you will receive a fee.

Today there are an incredible number of Paid mail services and new ones are regularly added. You will receive only a few cents per read email – but if you are registered with several services, you can also earn a lot.


Online sales

Things that you no longer need can be thrown away, dusted in the attic, or sold on the Internet.

And the internet is a wonderful thing to find many potential buyers for your sales items.

Well visited portals like are particularly well suited for the sale.


SEO MEN ARROWProduct Testing

You can also earn money by testing products. Although it is not much – but a good fun.

Many product manufacturers are looking for subjects who use and test their products and then rate them. Afterwards one can either keep the product or get money for it. Learn more


Online Surveys

This is probably one of the best-known ways to make money on the Internet: various survey institutes offer their members to participate online in surveys.

If you feel like it, you can simply and easily click through the questions and earn good money along the way. Learn more


Scientific work

The work you have written during your studies probably will not do you much more after graduation, if they just dust up in the attic. Instead, you can offer them for download. You will then have the opportunity to earn a pro-rata share per download.

Make Money on Internet with Online shop

Of course, you can also make money by selling professionally. You can easily build an online shop. With homepage kits, it’s easier than you think. There you can place your products and then market them.

YouTube Earning

YouTube is about getting as many views as possible, so calls to your videos. The more you have, the more money you can earn. If your videos are material that does not infringe licenses or copyrights, then you can advertise and make money.

Earn Money on Facebook Earn Money Online

Make Money on FaceBook Best Real Guide

How to Make Money on FaceBook

What? Make Money on FaceBook ? is it possible? Yessss offcourse now everyone can easily Earn Money Online on Facebook .in This article i am gonna explain complete guide about facebook earning.


Make money with Facebook?

Facebook now has more than 600 million users worldwide and over 16 million in Germany alone.

This can not and should not be ignored as a self-employed person on the net.

The question is, however, how to really earn money with Facebook.

Just chatting with friends, exchanging information and posting the latest blog posts on Facebook is certainly nice and brings some traffic, but so you do not really make money yet.

Make Money Facebook

Earn money directly with Facebook

Firstly, I would like to look at ways to make money directly on Facebook.

However, I have to say that these options are rather limited or you have to test what Facebook allows and what does not.

Apps with advertising

Facebook apps with advertising

One possibility is to create your own Facebook apps and display them in e.g.

To incorporate advertising. Creating a successful and popular app can mean a lot of views and revenue.

There are also similar to the iPhone online services, with which you can create relatively cheap own Facebook apps for money.

There is a list of approved advertising networks on Facebook.

Google AdSense Earning is there for example not there. You should also follow the guidelines for advertising on Facebook.



A second option that can be very profitable is to create Facebook games. By in-app purchases or advertising, some providers earn quite a lot of money.


Online shop

Facebook Online-Shop In growing are the possibilities directly on Make Money on FaceBook in Pakistan to set up its own shop. So there are e.g. a Dawanda application that allows you to present your products on Dawanda on Facebook.Make money on facebook online shopping

also a number of shop applications are presented, with which you can open your own shop on Facebook.

Here is the Top 5 Ways to Make Money Online

Overall, very interesting and the topic of social commerce is certainly a bit more interesting. However, one stands as a shop owner in Germany always with a leg in the next warning and there is of course also on Facebook caution.

Applications such as payvment look really interesting, but whether they comply with the legal requirements for online shops, one would have to examine more closely.

Make Money on FaceBook Flattr

Flattr you can probably synonymous in his Facebook page as an application integrate. I did not test it myself, but if you’re interested, just give it a try.

Affiliate Links

Here it is a little problematic. Basically, to my knowledge, there is no provision in the Facebook Terms of Use that prohibit the incorporation of affiliate links. Unfortunately, there is no statement that expressly permits this.

One should be careful not to be banned, but there are probably affiliates who incorporate such links directly into their fan page or in Facebook ads.


As soon as I get some more information and experience, I’ll definitely write something about it.


Advertising on FaceBook

Another idea would be to sell ad banners on a popular Facebook fanpage. These might not necessarily look like classic banner ads. But what speaks against it, on a popular fan page an advertising customer a sponsoring appearance to indulge. Well, maybe the advertising policies of Facebook. Also, you should exercise caution.

If I have more information, it will certainly come back to an article.

Indirectly earn money with Facebook

On the other hand, the indirect revenue opportunities are used significantly more.

So you could, among other things, implement the following things:

Landing page

The Facebook Fanpage is great as a landing page. There are some good applications that allow you to add your own content to the fan page.

This allows interested parties and visitors to make their own offers or also inform certain products and then forward them to your own sales or affiliate site by installing a link.

how to make money on facebook by posting links

how to make money on facebook ads

earn money from facebook account

how to earn money from facebook page likes

how to earn money on facebook $500 every day

make money using facebook $100+ a day

how to make money on facebook videos

how to earn money from facebook without investment


Earn Money Online Ways to Make Money Online

Top 5 Ways to Make Money Online

Top 5 Ways to Make Money Online

Make money on the internet? Absolutely possible with a little bit of skill! We’ll show you how to do it and introduce you to the best Top 5 ways to Make Money Online At Home.

Make Money Online on the Internet

More and more people are showing that it is possible to make money online.

The whole thing is not even as abstract as you think.

After all, it’s usually just about getting as many visitors as possible.

If you have internet connection and a laptop so that’s it.

5 Ways to Earn Money Online by Junaid Ratyal

You can easily Make Money Online in Pakistan or Make Money online in India or if you live anywhere in the world you can easily Earn Money Online through these real ways.

How Can I Make Money Online From Home?

Ha-ha it’s not an issue. Because I have best top 5 ways .But if you have patient and want to do hard work then these methods works for you.

But if you think you can earn lots of money in just 1 night without any hard work then these methods not work for you.

Just spend some days or months with the help of your laptop or internet connection or hard work you can easily make money from home.

Make Money Online Fast My Personal Experience

Making big money from one day to the next without being an expert in the respective area is hardly possible.

My thinking is: nothing is impossible, but in terms of making quick money on the internet you have to be honest.

If you want to make money online fast, then be careful about what deals you get involved with.

Pay for nothing that promises you to earn thousands of euros from one day to the next.

I am a blogger or also a YouTuber and I earned lots of money in last year from online methods.

  1. Make Money Online with AdSense

What is AdSense?

AdSense is the Google Ads Platform which provides different company ads online. The easiest way to understand it is that.

When c Company launch in market then the company do marketing on Google through banner and vertical ads.

And then Google Put these ads on Your Website then you and Google Both Earned a handsome amount of J Dollars $.

Make Money With Adsense

How Can I Earned with Google AdSense?

If you want to Earn money with AdSense and work with it then Website is the most important thing. You must have a website. If you have a website then work on it and rank it in Google and Get More and More traffic on it.

After Ranking Apply for Google AdSense. When Your Application approved you can easily put ads in your website and Earn with it. Reference

Benefits of AdSense Earning

  • It will take you 5 minutes to sign up for Google AdSense and create the first ad. In addition, there is no major problem then this ad code to incorporate in your own website. For example, plugins can help.
  • After installation, there is basically no care required. You do not have to replace the banners again and again or go on the search for advertisers, as is the case for direct marketing. Instead, Google takes care of all this and takes a lot of work from us.
  • Google is the Internet Company par excellence and the spread of AdWords and AdSense is extremely large. For this reason, there are also many advertisers in worlwide who also cover more specific topics.
  • AdSense is created quickly, if you want it, but you can also make many adjustments and optimizations to the ads. This applies to the layout as well as, for example, the filter options for the displayed advertisement.
  • The scores in the AdSense account are exemplary. That way, it’s really easy to see what impact certain changes have had. In addition, you can take a closer look at individual ads through channels.
  • Previously, the AdSense ads were only shown based on the surrounding text. Google claims to pay around 68% of its revenue to AdSense publishers.
  1. Make Money with YouTube

Oh Yeah YouTube is the Second Best option. If you have a YouTube Channel of Original Content then you can easily Make Money Online on YouTube in Pakistan or in Other Countries.

Make money with YouTube

How Earn Money on YouTube Works?

Basically YouTube is also the Google Product Google Buy it in 2005. And then Google planned it to attach with AdSense and create lots of money.

When you create a YouTube channel or upload a video on it. Then google put ads in your video. When peoples watch your video then ads will be show.

So if someone click on your ads then you will earn through this ad click.

YouTube AdSense Requirements:

In 2018 YouTube launch latest policies. According to these policies you must Have 1000 Subscribers and 4000 Minutes Watch Time if You Want to Get Approved Your AdSense Account. Reference

So if you follow these instructions then you can easily earn money with YouTube.

3: Make Money Online with Drop Shipping

Yeah the third best way of Earn Money through Drop Shipping. It’s a paid method. If you have some good amount of money then you can easily earn money with drop shipping.

Make Money with Shopify

What is Drop Shipping?

Drop Shipping is a method to sell products through your own store.

To understand the features and benefits of Drop Shipping, first look at the structures of traditional, classic online commerce.

The dealer chooses a specific product area, looks for suitable manufacturers, importers or wholesalers and places their products in his own online shop.

He calculates the required quantities of the individual products, buys them from the respective supplier and stores the goods in his own premises.

If there is an order, the corresponding goods are taken from the warehouse, packaged for transport and shipped to the respective end customer.

This trading model has significant consequences in terms of cash requirements, workload and business risk.

The products offered must be purchased in reasonable quantities in advance. This requires sufficient seed capital and binds funds.

Drop Shipping with Aliexpress.

If you have no money to buy or stock product in your ware house then you can easily work with AliExpress.

It’s an online store which provides lots of products you can easily sell her products and earn money.

How is it Work?

  • Create a Website on Shopify or WordPress
  • Use Oberlo Plugin to Extract Products on ali express
  • Upload on your site
  • Promote through Facebook ads
  • And Earn money online with selling products
  1. Make Money Online with Clickbank

 ClickBank is also a product selling website.

Lots of peoples join clickbank create account on it and upload their products to sell.

Make Money with Clickbank

How Can We Work with Clickbank?

Basically when a user upload their product on click bank.

Then user provides referral links.

When we use these link and share their products with other.

If someone order or buy the product with the referral link which we share with others then click bank give us a good percentage after order a product.

Which is called Earn Money with Affiliate Marketing. This is the best way to earn money through sell product.

Where we share Click Bank Products?

We share click bank products on Facebook, YouTube videos comments, message, or through banners.


  1. Make Money Online with Affiliate Marketing

What is Affiliate Marketing?

Affiliate marketing comes from the USA and is often referred to as a partner program in this country.

Simply put, it is an internet-based commission system.

For example, companies that sell products online in a shop pay commissions to website owners who “send” visitors to their store, which then buys something.

Unlike, for example, normal banner advertising, the remuneration for affiliate marketing is performance-based.

So you get as a website operator (also called affiliate or partner) so only a commission if the mediated Internet users on the company website does something specific.

So, for example, shopping.

For example

I can get 1,000 visitors to my site to click on an affiliate link (which can of course be an ad banner with a corresponding affiliate link).

If you do not buy anything in the shop where you got the click, I will earn 0, – Euro.


But if I manage to get 10 people to click on an affiliate link and 5 of them buy something in the shop, I get 5 x commission.

Benefits of Affiliate Marketing

    • Online marketers receive free advertising space and pay only for proven results (pay for sale, per click, and per lead).
    • Affiliates, on the other hand, only need a promotional space to promote the merchant’s products, so you can watch the beautiful sunset and earn money.
    • Advertisers can promote their products to a large audience, giving more awareness and exposure to their brands.
    • Marketers can work with affiliate networks and can pretty much take care of the execution stages, leaving the trader with little or no use during the process.
    • Consumers who come from the affiliate website can provide important information about new trends and requirements. Reference

Disadvantages of Affiliate Marketing

  • Misrepresentation on the Affiliate’s website can destroy the reputation of the merchant. More and more affiliates are getting involved with this kind of scheme.
  • Marketers can suffer from the cost of the commission. Setup and maintenance can also mean more outflow for the marketer if he has too many affiliates.
  • Affiliates do not risk being paid. A crooked businessman simply leave the program without payment to the affiliate or close.
  • With this high payout potential, affiliate marketing is targeted at scammers and conniving individuals who benefit from the hard work of others.
  • These people simply take advantage of the mask of anonymity of the internet.