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How to Create Facebook Page

How to Create Facebook Page

If you are new on Facebook and don’t know How to Create Facebook Page “don’t worry”.

Today i am tell you and guide you with images then you can easily create Facebook business page.

What is Facebook Page?

Facebook page is your own page or your own platform where you can easily promote yourself, your business, your brand or your videos.

This can helps you to be a brand on Facebook.

When you start page then you get number of likes which is main asset of your business. After getting lots of likes: when you post you post a video or image on your page u get traffic. but question is that.

Facebook Marketing Ultimate Tips

How can i Create Facebook Page?

  • First you must have your own Facebook id. if you don’t have so please create an id.
  • Go on your profile setting or slick on scroll bar.

create facebook page 1

  • Then click on Create Page Button

create facebook page 2

  • Select the side which you need to build mean if you create online store or brand select “Business or Brand
  • If you create your personal page like on you or just image and video sharing page then select”Community or Public Figure

How to Create Business Facebook Page?

  • Click on Left side get started of “Business or Brand

Create Business Facebook Page

  • Put Your Page name and select the category on which you create page.

Same this is in public page . so after this

  • Upload your page profile pic.
  • Upload a banner on your page .
  • Upload Description of your page which is well written like branding content.
  • Share your Facebook with your friends and increase Facebook Page likes.
  • Upload good images and videos or products with good description on your page.

Now i hope your page is ready 🙂 and your business is start.


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Top Ways to Promote YouTube Channel

Promote YouTube Channel

Advertising and Promote YouTube channel is an art – and one that can make the difference between boos and applause for your video content. In this guide, we’ll show you how to promote your YouTube channel so that your videos are sure to attract attention.

This is how you make your YouTube channel better known

  1. Meaningful titles

What to look out for when considering whether to watch a YouTube video or not? Probably on the video title. When I dedicate my precious time to a video, I choose one that shows me clearly what I can expect. That means your video titles need

  • be short and concise.
  • be meaningful and contain keywords.

If the title of your video is too long to cut off a part, or if the title does not tell you what the video is about, hardly anyone will take the time to click it.

In order to make your video easier to find, the title should always contain the appropriate, content-appropriate keywords. Just as the headlines of a newspaper should capture the attention of readers, a video title should inspire viewers for the video.

  1. Matching YouTube thumbnails to the video

The preview image of a video, along with the video title, is a key component in promoting your YouTube channel. A perfect title alone does not do any good, a weird or nonsensical thumbnail tends to be low on the likelihood of the audience clicking or sharing the video.

So if you’re releasing a video of a cat playing guitar, the preview image should also show a guitar-playing cat – not some weird, blurry image that shows you when you set the camera.

For a successful preview image advises YouTube , the picture should

  • as large as possible, as it also serves as a preview image for the embedded player;
  • have a resolution of 1280 × 720 pixels (the minimum width is 640 pixels);
  • be uploaded in graphic formats like .JPG, .GIF, .BMP or .PNG;
  • be less than the maximum file size of 2MB;
  • if possible in 16: 9 format, as this is the most widely used format on YouTube players and previews.

Meaningful content makes it much easier to promote a YouTube channel. And the thumbnails make a significant contribution to whether your content is considered meaningful or not.

  1. An optimally used channel

Create a meaningful and compelling profile with a detailed description of what your channel is about.

You should make sure that the profile is brand compliant and that the following criteria match your other social media channels:

  • color selection
  • backgrounds
  • logos
  • Social media icons (for your other social media channels)
  • Special banners or layout specifications

In a blog post, Kiss-metrics says, “If you make your channel brand- aware, you’ll create a unified brand experience for your subscribers and viewers on YouTube, as well as on your other social media channels.” A YouTube channel that gets yours through hard Reflecting work built brand, sustainable supports your video advertising. Over time, you and your brand will become unmistakable.

  1. Video SEO (Search Engine Optimization)

Another important point to make sure your channel and videos are found is Search Engine Optimization (SEO).

YouTube is the second largest search engine on the web , so proper SEO will make sure your videos are found by as many people as possible.

Search Engine Watch identifies the following criteria that the YouTube algorithm uses to select and sort the results of a search:

  • Information from the page title (Title Tag)
  • audience Retention
  • Keywords in the description
  • by day
  • Length of the video
  • Number of new subscriptions after watching this video
  • Comments
  • I like / do not like this

First, think about what people should find when searching for your brand. And work backwards from there as you promote your YouTube channel. For this is Search Engine Watch a few tips for you:

  • Create detailed descriptions. “The more YouTube knows about your video, the better and more reliably the platform can match the video to your keyword and improve the ranking.”
  • Find the perfect “Video Keywords”.
  • Generate more video views through online communities (such as Quora, LinkedIn, etc.).
  • Animate your viewers to subscribe or link the video.
  • Create playlists with many keywords. “A playlist of numerous keywords provides YouTube with detailed information about a video’s topic. And as we’ve already stated in the description, more content matching text means more views. “
  1. Be active within the community

Although SEO improves the visibility of your YouTube channel, there’s nothing like a genuine and authentic engagement.

Like all other social networks, YouTube is a community.

Within this community there are groups and subgroups for every imaginable topic, here also your product or service will find a place.

Find similar thinking people who are active in your industry’s YouTube community and subscribe to their channels.

Take the time to completely view the videos that really interest you and give feedback.

Make meaningful comments (Do not come up with the idea of writing “First!” Under any video!), And give a Like if you like a video.

Most importantly, share any video that might be of interest to your own social media community.

If you’re helping other YouTube users promote their channels rather than just promoting your own, build a reputation as a communicative, interested, and active member of a dynamic community.

In turn, your own channel will be more present in the minds of other YouTube members. Put simply, bacon is used to catch mice.

  1. Competitions and competitions

Sweepstakes are an excellent way to interact with your community and attract more subscribers. Everyone likes to win a prize. Also, I’ve already shared one or the other video with my friends or within my social network to take part in a raffle.

Post a video with a call-to-action on YouTube that announces the raffle, briefly describes and explains the terms and conditions.

Encourage your community to share this video in addition to your own participation. A few ideas for a YouTube raffle:

  • Ask your viewers to leave a comment on your video for the raffle.
  • Encourage non-subscribers to subscribe to your channel so they can join.
  • Host a video contest where users need to upload a homemade video about your product or service.
  • Host a contest that requires users to upload their own videos on a specific topic, then vote the community on the winners (such as Likes).

Raffles can easily increase interaction with and within the community. And they’re great for promoting your YouTube channel, not just to your existing subscribers, but also to those who do not (yet) follow it.