Cost to apply for German Visa Fees

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1. Own costs to provide the necessary documents

  • Costs for a personal passport;
  • Costs for scan copies or faxes (document delivery can be waived, except for annual visas);
  • Insurance costs: A health insurance with a coverage of € 30,000 and an explicit validity for the Schengen area is required. In addition, there is a recommended liability insurance for travelers in the Schengen area;
  • Cost of travel to the respective visa center when applying for the visa and picking up the passports.

2. Consular fees Cost to apply for German Visa Fees

Youth, student and professional exchange visas are usually issued by the consulates and embassies and by the visa centers without consular fees.

This requires a consistently recognizable and comprehensible reference to the respective intergovernmental agreement by the applicants.

Study in Germany for International Students : For this purpose,Cost to apply for German Visa Fees  it is advisable to refer uniformly to the youth exchange both in the invitation and in the application, as well as to present the purpose of the journey credibly and truthfully in the oral statement of reasons.

The Russian Coordination Office for Youth Exchange with Germany issues, upon request, a certificate confirming the respective exchange as part of the Agreement.

If there are doubts as to the presentation of the facts, the consulates and visa centers have, of course, the right to request further documents in order to check the exemption or, if necessary, to refuse to grant a visa. It goes without saying that the applicants should be informed about the facts or reason of their visa application.


3. Service fees

The costs of applying for visas at the visa centers, so-called service and / or express charges, are unfortunately not covered by the exemption because they are fees charged by private service providers.

The service charge is currently € 18.85 without fingerprints and € 20.35 with fingerprints. Please note that if you ask a local travel agent for visa support, you may incur additional fees and you will end up paying a lot for a visa. According to the number of passes, a high amount can be combined so quickly.

How long does it take to process?

If a valid (foreign) passport is available (which is still valid 3 months after the planned departure date), a visa can be issued relatively quickly.

For Russian citizens applying for a visa for the Schengen area in the territory of the Russian Federation in the visa centers or the German consulates, the normal period of validity is 10 working days. With express surcharge (70, – €) this period can be shortened to 3 days.

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