Cost to study in Germany? How to Study in Germany Free?

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Cost to study in Germany

The question of “how much is that? Cost to study in Germany β€œIs one of the first to be asked or asked for by parents when expressing a desire to study abroad? Not only a complete study abroad, but also a semester abroad can include costs that you might not have in your home country.


The first point in the cost accounting are the tuition fees. In Germany, there are no fees at state universities. It is true that most German universities and colleges are financed by the state.

Higher tuition fees

Those who are interested in studying at a private university should, however, include significantly higher tuition fees. Since private universities are financed purely from tuition fees, these are of course much higher. It may be that up to 20,000 euros per year must be applied.


At state universities there is the so-called semester contribution in Germany. This must be paid by each student and covers administrative costs as well as the financing of canteens, sports facilities and dormitories. He also included the fees for a semester ticket. At most universities you can also use your student ID card as a ticket for buses and trains in the surrounding area. The semester fee can vary depending on the university and is around 150 – 250 euros.

Cost of living in Germany

The second major item besides tuition fees is the cost of living. Although cost to study in Germany and Living is not much higher than other countries in comparison but you need a lot of extra money, as if you live in the home and can go from there to the university.

Housing costs are very different in Germany. It depends on whether you live in a large industrial and University City, or whether you are looking for a rather small university in a not so crowded city.cost to study in Germany

Especially where housing shortage prevails, most of the students join together to share flats and share the basic costs with each other.

The WG is thus a cheap alternative to your own home. The universities also offer students dormitories where they can stay cheap. Often one shares the kitchen with other students here and has a small room of its own.

An early application of the dormitory place increases the chances to get one of these coveted seats. Dorm rooms cost between about 200 and 400 euros, shared rooms between 300 and 500 euros and you get your own apartment from 400 euros upwards.

Food and Clothing Cost in Germany

In addition to the rental costs, of course, you need more to live. Starting with food over clothing, books for the university and leisure activities, these normal living costs add another block.

Depending on the field of study, you have to get a lot of books or print the slides for the lectures, which can devour in a semester already around 50 euros.

Cost to study in Germany For International Students

Food costs depend on how you go shopping. Is it enough to have a lunch or would you like to cook expensive organic products at home? The food comes to leisure activities.

Whether you like to do sports and pay club fees or if you like to go away with pleasure, you almost always need money for that. Overall, you should add about 200 euros depending on your own lifestyle again.


Anyone who comes from another country, would certainly like to go home once and visit his family at Christmas or during the semester break. For these trips again travel costs are to be planned, which can represent another large amount depending on the distance.


Everyone should think for themselves and scrupulously make a list of what he needs to live. Only if the financing is secured can you study at all in Germany.

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