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How to Create Facebook Page

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How to Create Facebook Page

If you are new on Facebook and don’t know How to Create Facebook Page “don’t worry”.

Today i am tell you and guide you with images then you can easily create Facebook business page.

What is Facebook Page?

Facebook page is your own page or your own platform where you can easily promote yourself, your business, your brand or your videos.

This can helps you to be a brand on Facebook.

When you start page then you get number of likes which is main asset of your business. After getting lots of likes: when you post you post a video or image on your page u get traffic. but question is that.

Facebook Marketing Ultimate Tips

How can i Create Facebook Page?

  • First you must have your own Facebook id. if you don’t have so please create an id.
  • Go on your profile setting or slick on scroll bar.

create facebook page 1

  • Then click on Create Page Button

create facebook page 2

  • Select the side which you need to build mean if you create online store or brand select “Business or Brand
  • If you create your personal page like on you or just image and video sharing page then select”Community or Public Figure

How to Create Business Facebook Page?

  • Click on Left side get started ofย “Business or Brand

Create Business Facebook Page

  • Put Your Page name and select the category on which you create page.
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Same this is in public page . so after this

  • Upload your page profile pic.
  • Upload a banner on your page .
  • Upload Description of your page which is well written like branding content.
  • Share your Facebook with your friends and increase Facebook Page likes.
  • Upload good images and videos or products with good description on your page.

Now i hope your page is ready ๐Ÿ™‚ and your business is start.


How to Create Facebook Page Ultimate Guide
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How to Create Facebook Page Ultimate Guide
In this article i am talk about how to Create Facebook Page and How to Create Facebook Business Page and Promote Your Content or Business on Facebook.
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