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Facebook Marketing :Ultimate Guide

Facebook Marketing is a powerful source and technique which helps you to reach exact audience and get more traffic and generate leads.

In total, more than 400 million connections to small and medium-sized enterprises are made.

When we look at the numbers above, we quickly realize that a company can easily reach many people through Facebook marketing.

Once a Facebook user has clicked on “Like”, a company has the opportunity to quickly and, above all, quickly disseminate information to these users who can comment, like or share this information.

But how do you approach Facebook marketing exactly and what do you have to pay attention to?

I would like to show you all this very well.

  • Create a Very Good Plan for your Facebook marketing
  • Develop a Good Content for your Facebook Marketing
  • Technical Tips Facebook Marketing
  • Advertising and Interaction

Tip 1: Create a Facebook page correctly

Before you create a Facebook page, you should be aware that a Facebook page, like your website, is a figurehead of your company.

So Facebook marketing also means spending some time and patience on your own site.

Only then will you be satisfied with the results and success of your site and fully exploit the full range of Facebook.

But now to create the page. First of all, you need a personal profile for this, which you can then use to create your page.

In the blue line at the top you just click on the little arrow on the far right and select “Create page“.

And Create your own Facebook page for promote your website, products and your content.

Create and Page according to your niche and topic on which you want to work and get traffic.

Facebook Marketing Create Page

Facebook Marketing Create Page 2 Facebook Marketing Create Page 3

After create Facebook page second step is manage and suit up your page mean.

  • Upload Professional profile photo.
  • Upload attractive cover image.
  • Add complete data about your page and your business.
  • Start Publishing data on page which helps you to do Best Facebook Marketing


Tip 2:Win Facebook fans

In Facebook marketing, it’s all about getting your target group to like your page.

Why is that so important? Just like a website, your Facebook page does not help you if there’s nobody looking at your posts.

However, if somebody marks your page as “like” you have a direct line to the users. And exactly this possible personal contact is very important in Facebook marketing.

Tip 3:Fans on Facebook are so important.Facebook Marketing Benefits

Many site operators are even so important that they attract with false raffles or simply buy the fans.

The problem with this: A false raffle quickly gives a bad impression, which can damage the image of a company in the long term.

If you buy fans, only a fraction of them (probably even less) will match your target audience.

With fans who are not interested in your product, company or business, you cannot do even the best Facebook marketing.

Your goal should therefore be to win fans for your page, which also tune with your target audience.

Tip 4:Plan your Facebook marketing posts

Maybe you’ve wondered now, which company sits down on the weekend to publish posts on Facebook.

This will probably be the least, because there are many ways to plan postings in advance.

This can, for example, holidays and holidays super bridged.


I use the free online tool “Buffer “for planning my posts as part of my Facebook marketing.

Here I can not only plan the posts on my page, but also for the other profiles on Google+ and Twitter.


Tip 4:Post on Facebook

Facebook itself also offers the function to plan posts directly on the page.

Here you prepare on your Facebook page quite normal before the post and then click not on the blue button “Publish”, but on the little blue arrow next to it.


Tip 5:Set time for publication

Here you will find the item “Plan”. If you click on it, you have the possibility to set your desired posting time.

If you want to start using an action for Facebook Marketing that has an expiration date, you can also set the end date.

So you make sure that this action does not appear in the Facebook  Marketing feeds of your fans after expiration.

If you plan an action with a fixed end that is also very important, because Facebook posts some days later in the newsfeed of the fans.

With temporary actions, this can quickly lead to misunderstandings.

Develop a Posting Plan

Continuity is important to Facebook Marketing.

So you should not start fully motivated into Facebook marketing and lose your appetite after 2 weeks.

This can seem strange to users. The same applies if your posts are too monotonous, for example, you are constantly posting only links to your website.


To succeed in a varied Facebook marketing Business Plan, you can develop your own posting plan.

But what does such a posting plan look like? That depends mainly on the content you want to publish on your website.

There are lots of facebook marketing tools but facebook adword is the best tool.

First of all, you should set here how often you want to post.

A firm rhythm can also help “train” your Facebook fans.

That is, if you post content in a series on the same day at the same time, interested users will want to go to your page and get the new content.

Tip 6:Upload videos directly to Facebook

Where we have just addressed the videos in the content mix, here’s a hint: Always upload your videos directly to Facebook.

In contrast to simple postings you still have the chance to achieve very high coverage with videos.

facebook video marketing

Include your website too

Of course, there must also be the goal in Facebook marketing to lure the fans to their own website.

One way is to share new posts from the website on the Facebook page.

However, this is not the entire post just posted on Facebook, Facebook created from this link automatically preview.

Share other content as part of Facebook Marketing

With Facebook marketing, you should not just share your own content.

As a result, a page quickly becomes too monotonous.

Also, occasionally plan to share content from other sites.

It is important that you do not just insert a link and leave here on the description, which has been set by the webmaster, write yourself a few lines to it.


Another tip: If the company or website you shared a post on Facebook, mark it directly in your description.

This creates attention and can provide for longer ranges.


Create exclusive content for Facebook Marketing

Always give your customers a reason to become a fan of your Facebook page and then stay a fan.

You can achieve this through content that you only get exclusively as a Facebook fan.

This can for example be a one-off discount, but it can also be special offers. Find something here that fits your business and your performance.


Relax your posts with emojis for Facebook Marketing

If it fits in content, you should occasionally insert appropriate emoji’s to loosen up your content a bit. This can look like this:

If you have a website then after uploading your data or post on your website.

Create Emojis on Facebook

Add OG tags, Titles and Meta Description on your Post for Facebook and other Social Media Networks.

I think you do not have to think long and hard about which shared link you’d rather click, but unfortunately, many sites still give great potential.

So my tip to you: Make sure you post appropriate social media data for your website. But how exactly does it work?


The picture, the title and the description to be shared on Facebook, you can use the Deposit Open Graph Meta Tags.


You can do that directly in the code (how exactly do you find out here), but you can also easily use a plugin in WordPress.

For example, you can save the Open Graph Meta Tags in the plugin Yoast SEO:

Open Graph Marketing

So if you Follow these instructions you can easily promote your website or products on facebook.

Or you can easily sell your products through facebook advertising.

Facebook Marketing ads

You can also promote your products through facebook adwords which is very easy to use.


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