German Grading System

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German Grading System

If you want to study in Germany as an international student, you need to know about the German grading system for two reasons. On the one hand, the application must translate the certificates of one’s own country and fulfill the admission requirements in Germany. On the other hand, the grades obtained while studying in Germany are of course important for their own average, for applications and of course for passing the exams.

Basically, there are two different grading systems in Germany. One is made up of grades from one to six, with one very good and six unsatisfactory. From a worse grade than four you have passed the exam no longer. This system is most commonly used. It is used both at school from the first to the 10th grade and at vocational schools and universities. Intermediate steps can be represented here with decimal numbers.

The exact table is:

1. Very good
2.  Good
3. Satisfying
4. Sufficient
5. Poor
6. Insufficient

In the upper level of the Gymnasium, that is, the 11th to 13th grades earlier, in the course of G8 reform the 10th to 12th grade, there is another system. This consists of 0 to 15 points and is therefore used because the point count is also applied in high school. The early introduction makes it easier to include the exams at earlier times.German Grading System

This point system is also the basis for applying at the universities, however, the points can be roughly converted into grades.

  1. Better than very good
  2. Very good
  3.  Good
  4.  Satisfying
  5.  Sufficient
  6.  Inadequate

High School Graduation

For the high school graduation the points of all examinations of the upper level, as well as the final exams of the actual graduation work are added up. Of course, the Abitur points count more here. The score at the end can then be converted into the cut.

To apply to the universities, you need this score as a German student. However, there are other ways for foreign students with different grades to “translate” their grades. The necessary documents can usually be found on the pages of the desired university in Germany.

German Grading System For International Students

The exams at the German university are scored again after the first grading system (one to six). However, there is a third peculiarity of the Bologna reform and the bachelor and master system. For each attended event in which the exam was passed, there are so-called ECTS points (European Credit Transfer System) these are summed at the end of the study and charged together with the final thesis and grade point average to the final grade.

This sounds a bit complicated at first, but as soon as you are in the system and gets its own notes, it becomes transparent.

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