How Much Education cost in Germany?

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How Much Education cost in Germany?

The education cost in Germany financial report is part of a comprehensive education report.  It offers the data-aided analysis of the current education finances in different structure and detail. The annual publication ensures the continuous documentation of educational expenditure and its ongoing methodological development.

At the heart of monetary education reporting is the budget for education, research and science, an aggregated computing system fed by a variety of data sources and public sector contributions (federal, state, municipal), private sector (businesses, households, private organizations for non-profit purposes) and foreign countries.

How Much Education cost in Germany?

The major part of the budget for education, research and science accounts for around 73% of the education budget. This includes all educational expenditure on the formal education system (direct expenditure for educational institutions.

kindergarten, school, university, expenditure on education services and goods outside of educational institutions as well as expenditures for the promotion of the participants in formal education programs),

accrued according to international criteria, as well as additional expenditure in national demarcation for non-formal educational institutions (expenses for crèches and day-care centers, in-company training, community colleges, teacher training facilities, youth work facilities and the like).

Cost of Study in Germany 

According to preliminary calculations, a total of 178.4 billion euros was spent on education in 2012 (2011: 178.0 billion euros). Expenditures for research and development amounted to € 79.2 billion (2011: € 75.6 billion) and for science to € 5.1 billion (2011: € 5.1 billion).

All three parts consolidate the expenditure for research and development at universities on the budget for education, research and science 2012 in the amount of 248.9 billion euros. In the previous year, this budget amounted to € 245.1 billion.

Not least due to special programs such as the Higher Education Pact, the Special Fund for Child Care and the Investment and Redemption Fund, education spending has risen steadily in recent years.

Where are the funds flowing to?

A closer look education cost in Germany for students reveals which areas spent the most. Of the expenditure on education amounting to € 178.0 billion in 2011, € 156.6 billion was spent on education according to international demarcation and € 21.5 billion on additional education expenditure in national delimitation, such as in-company training, other training as well as for crates, cribs, youth work and the like.

The lion’s share of education expenditure, at 136.2 billion euros (more than 75%), was formal education in international demarcation (kindergartens, schools, vocational training, universities).

Of this total, 84.0 billion euros were spent on schools and 34.6 billion euros on tertiary education. A further € 20.4 billion was spent on promoting students.

Where do the funds comes for education cost in Germany .

As the creation and maintenance of an effective education system is one of the core tasks of the state, the vast majority of education spending is expected to be publicly funded.

Publicly funded education spending amounted to € 142.3 billion in 2011, which corresponds to around 80%. In the individual areas of education, the shares of the public sector vary, on the one hand, between the Federal Government, Education and municipalities, and the private sector and abroad, on the other.

How Much Education cost in Germany?
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