Make Money on FaceBook Best Real Guide

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How to Make Money on FaceBook

What? Make Money on FaceBook ? is it possible? Yessss offcourse now everyone can easily Earn Money Online on Facebook .in This article i am gonna explain complete guide about facebook earning.


Make money with Facebook?

Facebook now has more than 600 million users worldwide and over 16 million in Germany alone.

This can not and should not be ignored as a self-employed person on the net.

The question is, however, how to really earn money with Facebook.

Just chatting with friends, exchanging information and posting the latest blog posts on Facebook is certainly nice and brings some traffic, but so you do not really make money yet.

Make Money Facebook

Earn money directly with Facebook

Firstly, I would like to look at ways to make money directly on Facebook.

However, I have to say that these options are rather limited or you have to test what Facebook allows and what does not.

Apps with advertising

Facebook apps with advertising

One possibility is to create your own Facebook apps and display them in e.g.

To incorporate advertising. Creating a successful and popular app can mean a lot of views and revenue.

There are also similar to the iPhone online services, with which you can create relatively cheap own Facebook apps for money.

There is a list of approved advertising networks on Facebook.

Google AdSense Earning is there for example not there. You should also follow the guidelines for advertising on Facebook.



A second option that can be very profitable is to create Facebook games. By in-app purchases or advertising, some providers earn quite a lot of money.


Online shop

Facebook Online-Shop In growing are the possibilities directly on Make Money on FaceBook in Pakistan to set up its own shop. So there are e.g. a Dawanda application that allows you to present your products on Dawanda on Facebook.Make money on facebook online shopping

also a number of shop applications are presented, with which you can open your own shop on Facebook.

Here is the Top 5 Ways to Make Money Online

Overall, very interesting and the topic of social commerce is certainly a bit more interesting. However, one stands as a shop owner in Germany always with a leg in the next warning and there is of course also on Facebook caution.

Applications such as payvment look really interesting, but whether they comply with the legal requirements for online shops, one would have to examine more closely.

Make Money on FaceBook Flattr

Flattr you can probably synonymous in his Facebook page as an application integrate. I did not test it myself, but if you’re interested, just give it a try.

Affiliate Links

Here it is a little problematic. Basically, to my knowledge, there is no provision in the Facebook Terms of Use that prohibit the incorporation of affiliate links. Unfortunately, there is no statement that expressly permits this.

One should be careful not to be banned, but there are probably affiliates who incorporate such links directly into their fan page or in Facebook ads.


As soon as I get some more information and experience, I’ll definitely write something about it.


Advertising on FaceBook

Another idea would be to sell ad banners on a popular Facebook fanpage. These might not necessarily look like classic banner ads. But what speaks against it, on a popular fan page an advertising customer a sponsoring appearance to indulge. Well, maybe the advertising policies of Facebook. Also, you should exercise caution.

If I have more information, it will certainly come back to an article.

Indirectly earn money with Facebook

On the other hand, the indirect revenue opportunities are used significantly more.

So you could, among other things, implement the following things:

Landing page

The Facebook Fanpage is great as a landing page. There are some good applications that allow you to add your own content to the fan page.

This allows interested parties and visitors to make their own offers or also inform certain products and then forward them to your own sales or affiliate site by installing a link.

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