International Degree Programs

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International Degree Programs

 Study Abroad Programs

For internationally oriented study programs, one or two semesters are integrated abroad at the respective partner university. Often, a double degree (one German and one foreign) can be obtained. Good knowledge of the respective national language is a prerequisite for such a study.

In which subjects and at which universities an internationally oriented study is possible, you can search under with the finder . Simply select “International Degree Program” under Study Type.

In the HRK Higher Education , you can find out about all relationships between German and foreign universities in the section “Foreign Corporations “.

German-French University

The German-French University (DFH) offers its degree programs in cooperation with numerous member and partner universities in Germany and France. There are currently over 170 integrated study programs in the fields of engineering, mathematics / computer science / natural sciences, medicine, economics, law, humanities and social sciences as well as in teacher training.

These binational integrated degree programs are characterized by the fact that German and French students in joint groups complete part of their studies both in Germany and in France.

The study duration is distributed equally to the partner universities according to a predetermined examination regulations of both universities.

At the end of these integrated degree programs, graduation diplomas from both institutions of higher education are available so that the participants acquire a double degree.

The DFH has also opened for third countries and set up tri national undergraduate and postgraduate programs with partner universities in Bulgaria, the UK, Japan, Luxembourg, the Netherlands, Poland, Spain, Austria, the Czech Republic and Switzerland.

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