What is Link Building in SEO ?

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Link Building in SEO

Link Building is the backbone of Search Engine Optimization.The Original name of Link Building is Back linking . If you want to rank your website in Google then link Building is very important for every website.

Iron rule of link building

The iron rule ” quality over quantity “. I prefer to get a back link from a high-quality website, which in addition to Link Juice also gives me traffic , as 100 links to dead directories that no one cares anymore.

Decisive for the success of a link building campaign is also the relevance of the links to the topic of my website. This means that I primarily try to acquire links from thematically appropriate websites. However, the story should not be too narrow: If my website is about merino wool, not only Merino blogs are relevant, but also websites around knitting, animals, animal welfare and outdoor.

It’s even an advantage to build such a diverse link profile because Google can learn so much about your website and rank it better.

Finally, authority or trust must be mentioned. Depending on how much trust the link source has, the more trust my inheritance will inherit.

Link Building Campaign

The success of a link building campaign, however, also depends on the authority of its own side . The more Google already trusts my site, the faster I will be credited with new Backlinks.

That does not sound so technical now? That’s the point of the matter. Keep it simple. Oh yeah, do not be afraid of inferior Backlinks, because they have every website. The important thing is that it stays within limits. Nevertheless, focus on high quality Backlinks .and basically On Page and Off Page SEO is a basic part of it.

The goals of the link building

Basically, It has two goals: First and foremost, it is about this to gain new relevance with new Backlinks and so ascend in the Google search results. On the other hand, a High Quality Backlink on a high- traffic website can also bring a lot of traffic .

What exactly happens during Authoirity link building?

Google tries to ensure the best possible user experience – and of course, optimal search results are necessary, which are perfect for searching, so the keywords match.

The evaluation of the websites, which appear in the results, takes place on the one hand via the evaluation of the website contents and on the other hand over the Backlink profile.

link building

The more other websites consider the content to be ” linkable ” and actually link, the better the chance that Google will consider the website relevant.

Who can link to their own website – and why should he do that?

The goals are clearly formulated and also the technical aspect is comprehensible – but how does it happen that another website links to one’s own ?

Link building can take a variety of different paths, with one combination providing the best results – webmasters can build links by, for example:

Write guest articles for other websites, in which usually one or the other link may be placed.
Create entries in (high quality!) Web directories, including the yellow pages or Google My Business
Stand out with their own high-quality content, which is shared across different social networks and thus arouses the interest of other webmasters .

Only organic link building leads to the goal

Which ways are also gone when link building – it is important that the measures are organic , so “natural”. Link purchase or link rental , the use of link farms or the like are taboo.

If the machinations once fly up, this can lead to a Google punishment . But anyone who interprets the link building in a sustainable and long-term way has nothing to fear.

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  • October 27, 2018 at 6:25 am

    How to know which site gives link juice ?

  • October 27, 2018 at 6:26 am

    I have multi niche blog. Can I get back links from all that niche blogs.


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