What is ON Page SEO and How To Do?

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SEO Stands for Search Engine Optimization. On Page SEO is the 1 of the most important part of search engine optimization.

If you want to get higher rank in google then on page is the most important thing. If you do perfectly on page of your post then you get rank in google mostly time without Backlinks.

Techniques of On PAGE SEO

  • Title
  • Meta Tags
  • Meta Keywords
  • Meta Description
  • Target Keywords in Your First Paragraph
  • Repeat your target keyword in 4 to 5 time in your article
  • Use internal linking
  • Use inbound or outbound links in your post
  • Use attractive image with your target keyword alt Tag
  • Use 150 Word Plus Meta Description
  • Use Minimum 300 Words in your article
  • Use searches related keywords in your post
  • Bold your suggested or target keywords in Your post
  • Use H1,H2,H3 and H4 Tags In Your Post
  • Use your target keyword as H2 in First of Your Paragraph.

These are the basics of ON Page SEO if you do these things best and perfectly then you get rank fast because these all are according to Google Ranking Policies.

Google day by day update and launch new policies and updates about Google Robots which come on your site and fetch your site.

After fetching your site started indexing in Google. For Best Ranking Please submit your website to Google Search Console

How to Submit Site to Google Search Console

  1. First Type on Google Search Console in Google and See Website and Click and open the link.
  2. Then click add new website and put your website main URL.
  3. After this google provide you a code copy this code and go your website
  4. Click Appearance->Editor->header.php
  5. Then put the code after <head>
  6. And then save your file
  7. After save file go on search Console and click on Verify then Google Accept your site.

 How to Submit Sitemap on Google

Sitemap is the most important thing after publish your site sitemap is the map of your whole which explain to google that what kind of pages, categories and items you have so how to submit.

  1. First type on Google site map generator.
  2. Paste your site link and generate sitemap
  3. After generation download the sitemap
  4. After downloading upload the site in Your Cpane->public_html the man folder of your site.
  5. And after upload go on Google Search Console and click on add sitemap
  6. Add this link yourwebsite.com/sitemap.xml
  7. And add now your site ready to index.

Now you can easily ranked on google if you like my article so please bookmarked my site and share article with others J

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