Study finance in Germany

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Study finance in Germany

How the study finance in Germany is co financed by public funds was examined in a recent study and compared with the situation in five other European countries. Overall, it shows that Germany spends a lot of money, but little transparent and without providing for a social balance. Because indirect support services in the form of tax relief.
Almost every student should have noticed that it is difficult to look through the possibilities of student financing in Germany.
Some may have heard that it looks much better in countries such as Finland , and above all that state support is not dependent on parents.
 But if all public benefits (including indirect tax credits, cheaper health insurance contributions and the like) are added together and compared – what is Germany’s position?

University information System 

According to the currently submitted study of the university information system (HIS) apparently not good.
 Above all, the high proportion of indirect support (which per se is less transparent and transparent) is unique in the countries studied (England, the Netherlands, Norway, Spain, Czech).
Since this indirect support (including tax credits) benefits even families with higher incomes, students from low-income families receive only slightly more support (€ 5,720 / year) than those from high-income families (€ 5,135 / year).

study finance in Germany

 Looking only at students who are still living with their parents, the difference is even smaller: students from low-income families receive 4669 euros / year from the state,

Children at the top of their parents

Germany promotes above all the families. Thus, the child benefit is usually paid to the parents, tax allowances are also in favor of the parents. They are then instructed to finance their children’s education.
In other countries for Study finance in Germany for International Students are much more regarded as independent people, and promotion is less about the family. In the study, clear words are found for the German approach:
But even if the concept of support to the students is better, in the case of which the state support students via their parents is really appropriate Study in Germany for Indian Students, and if the support was changed directly and at the students themselves.
Only currently is hardly expected to change the financing system in Germany. Most likely to be more scholarships promised (a few more, there are now, with government support now for 0.9% instead of 0.7% of students …). But that is not really a solution – cf. also the article “Not solution, but part of the problem” .


There are a lot of alternative concepts to the Study Finance in Germany in English (the three most important ones are in the article Alternative Models.
They mean a lot of legislative changes if you really want a system change. Depending on the model, the costs are at least initially higher than today. And, of course, there would be losers if you mean redistribution seriously.


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