Study in Denmark

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Study in Denmark

Our northern neighbor, the Kingdom of Denmark,study in Denmark is not only a popular holiday destination for Germans. More and more students recognize the attractive study conditions and opt for a year abroad or full-time study in Denmark.

The academic year is divided, as in Germany, in two semesters, which usually begin in September / October and February.

Study in Denmark

The country with 5.6 million inhabitants has eight state universities, 13 art colleges and numerous higher education institutions comparable to German universities of applied sciences.

As Denmark invests heavily in the education sector, it is one of the countries with the highest education rate. Studying at a Danish university combines traditional lectures with projects and group work in much smaller study groups than is customary at German universities.

The good supervision of the students and the courses offered in English make Denmark a popular destination for international students.

Admission to study in Denmark

To be admitted to study in Denmark, you first need to have a university entrance qualification. Similar to Germany, there are admission-free degree programs and study places.

For this purpose, some universities have further restrictions on admission: results of language tests, work experience or the occupancy of certain advanced courses may be required. As the requirements vary between colleges and degree programs, you should check the college website for details of what is required.

The application deadlines are also set by the universities individually, so you should inform yourself at an early stage, until when you have to submit your application.

Especially for non-Danish citizens, the application deadline for the winter semester may be March 15th.

Studying in Denmark – what does it cost me? How can I finance this?

A big plus for studying in Denmark is that EU citizens do not have to pay tuition. Nevertheless, while studying, of course, there are some expenses: food, rent and leisure activities have to be financed.

The cost of living in Denmark is generally about a quarter higher than in Germany. In the rental prices, the prices vary greatly, it can be particularly expensive in the capital Copenhagen.

Study in Denmark for Indian students or Study in Denmark for Pakistani Students is also available just read article carefully and apply from your embassy for Study Visa.

It is cheaper to live in dormitories. However, you should try for a place early, because there are many applicants.

Cost of living for students

Cost of living should be budgeted at 4,000 to 5,000 DKK (Danish Kroner) per month (corresponding to 600 to 750, – €). The cost of food is comparable to the cost of food in Germany, but alcohol, cosmetics, cinema tickets and the like are somewhat more expensive due to the higher taxes (moms).

Bank transactions, cash payments and the like do not seem unusual compared to Germany. But to open an account you almost always need the CPR number that you get along with the residence permit. Some banks also accept a passport.


The rent for a room can be calculated 280, – to 320, – €. Internet access, energy and water are often included. The cheapest is to live in state dormitories . In some university cities help  or you search the Internet, unless you get through his exchange program already a housing offer.

Shared living arrangements

of students are common and can also be found on the Internet or by local notices. In Copenhagen, among other things, the housing market is tense, so you should look for your own room in time.

In order to finance all this, you can apply for foreign in Germany. If you are not eligible, there is the possibility to receive the Danish Education Funding up to 809 Euro. Working in Denmark for 10-12 hours a week entitles you to this benefit regardless of your parent’s income. Unlike the Ba fog, this money is a gift from the state, so it does not have to be repaid. Other ways to finance a degree in Denmark are scholarships, student loans and part-time jobs.

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