Study in Germany for Indian Students

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Study in Germany for Indian Students

Study in Germany for Indian Students After China, India is the second most important country of origin of graduated migrants studying in Germany. The immigration of students from India contributes significantly to internationalizing higher education in Germany as intended and to counteract the shortage of skilled workers. This influx of Indian graduates can only be strengthened if we understand its driving forces.


The degree of familiarity of Germany as a study country has been increasing in India for several years, but compared to the traditional target countries of Indian students, e.g. US, UK and Australia remain low.


For Germany, Indian students choose low tuition and English language courses because they judge the quality of education to be high, work part-time during their studies and obtain an 18-month visa when they graduate, and thanks to the EU’s Blue Card and the well-known labor market ,

Study in Germany for Indian Students

The main motivation of most students to come to Germany, however, is the cost advantage of German universities compared to universities in the US, UK and Australia.


The most popular subjects among Indian students in Germany are engineering and information technology (IT); the vast majority of them are enrolled in these programs.

Studying in Germany

At the idea of ​​studying in Germany, young Indians are brought through their social networks or private study counseling agencies. The latter are – in addition to the social online media – important multipliers and support students who are seeking to study in Germany.

Study in Germany for Indian Students

India has a special fascination for German students. Hardly any other country is so versatile, so culturally shaped and so cheerful despite many abuses.

Many young Germans are therefore drawn to the foreign country for some time. Whether it is for a several-month trip or for a semester abroad during your studies, the chance to get to know the country is very tempting.

Conversely, Indian students are also increasingly enjoying studying in Germany.

Above all, they attract first-class training and future career opportunities. Training in Germany is highly regarded, especially in technical or engineering professions.

Before leaving for Germany, however, Indian students and visiting researchers need health insurance, which should be taken care of early.


Health insurance in Germany

The range of health insurance in Germany is immense. Many of them are good, but just as many do not cover all the necessary services or are simply too expensive.

In this jungle finding the right insurance for yourself is anything but easy.  The insurance perfectly suits the needs and the current situation, as they have been optimized for years.

Many wonder if it is even necessary to take out health insurance. This question is clearly answered with YES. On the one hand, it is legally required in Germany to have health insurance.

Without insurance, a place at the university can be denied again or there are difficulties in entering the country. So who has no valid health insurance, cannot study at all in Germany.

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