Study in Germany

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Study in Germany?

If you want to study in Germany, you are spoiled for choice: There are more than 18,000 different courses of study spread over more than 400 universities. But not only the supply, but also the demand for study places in the Federal Republic is large: Not only Germans, but also more and more young people from all over the world decide to study in Germany.

Study in Germany

Germany has an important position in Europe and is also an important trading partner internationally. The German education system is highly regarded in many countries, so young professionals who have studied in Germany are in demand all over the world. The degrees of German universities are recognized worldwide and for employers an indication of a solid basic education and a deepened detailed knowledge.

Construction and financing of the German education system

The German study system has been converted to Bachelor and Master programs through the Bologna reform. The first achieved degree is the Bachelor, then you can complete a Master’s degree.

Compared to other countries studying is relatively cheap. In the meantime, there are no more tuition fees for state universities in almost all federal states . With the help of the BAföG even socially disadvantaged people have the opportunity to study.

Student Cities in Germany

Many young people choose to move away from their hometown. Whom is the city indifferent to? How do you start looking for a new home in which you feel good? Are you more of a guy for a big city with many students or are you more into the rural area? Finding the right city is not that easy. Below we have listed a few student cities – maybe your new home is here!

Study in Germany
The study itself has been converted in Germany by the Bologna reform on the Bachelor and Master System. The first degree obtained is the Bachelor, then you can voluntarily complete an in-depth or supplementary Master’s degree. Both are independent and recognized degrees.

Study in Germany for International Students

The German universities also have an internationally good reputation due to the high research focus. Provided by the state, research funds allow the development of new areas and learning in direct practice. The programs are often more difficult than in other countries, but of course this also increases the reputation.

With a semester abroad or a German degree, you will definitely have a good ticket for the future and can work with some initiative all over the world. In addition, the study in Germany offers not only interesting specialist topics, but also numerous leisure activities and travel opportunities. It is worthwhile getting to know this country in the heart of Europe.

Study in Germany For Pakistani Students

Pakistani students also can apply for study in Germany.Germany Education System is free but university rooms ,canteens and living expenses are near 7000 to 8000 Euros . Same as Study in Germany for Indian Students is also easy to apply and everyone can get study Abroad Visa but after some verification and paperwork.

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