Study in Netherlands

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Study in Netherlands

The Study in Netherlands are among the most attractive study sites in Europe. About 25,000 Germans study there. Rightly so!

5 Best study quality in Holland

International: A large number of courses are offered in English, in all subjects and even in the bachelor’s program. Semester abroad at international partner universities and internships abroad are a natural part of the study. Here students from all over the world meet!

Top of the world class: In all international rankings the Dutch universities reach top positions! Without exception, all 13 Dutch universities rank among the 200 best universities in the world, according to the British THE-Ranking 2016-2017!

Dutch universities

Welcome their students! Universities are measured by how many young people choose them and whether they succeed in their studies. Overcrowded lecture halls, impersonal care? Not in Holland!

Learning for the future:

Problem-driven learning? Is the principle of study in Netherlands without ielts? That means: active, discovering learning. This is also the concept for the development of society: Here, young people are preparing to solve problems in the future that we do not even know existed today.

Inspiring Learning Venues:

Up to the innovative architecture and the modern interior design one feels in Holland: Universities are places of learning! Everywhere there are inviting seating groups, workplaces for groups and for individuals, freely accessible PCs.

Study in Netherlands

For many years we have had experience with colleges and with international students in Holland. Many things thrill us! Many of the German students start off in Holland and are happy with their choice of study.


The 6 most important information

Is the study quality good study in Netherlands?

In the international rankings all (!) Dutch universities reach top positions. And for all universities, the principle of “problem-driven teaching” applies, which is particularly suitable for the future development of dynamic societies.

More about study quality in Holland

How should I apply for study in Netherlands?

The application is always via Study link, a nationwide institution that forwards your application to the universities. In some cases, however, universities ask you to submit your application directly to them.

Here is more about the application in Holland.

How much does it cost?

Tuition fees are set by law in the Netherlands. The Netherlands offers attractive ways to finance the fees.

Here you can find everything about the costs and the financing of studies in Holland.


Can I study in German or English?

Yes! Holland offers a very, very many English-language study programs already in the Bachelor. And some colleges also have German-language programs.

Here you will find everything about the study programs in German  and study in Netherlands for free in English.


Are the degrees recognized?

In Holland, the European Higher Education Area has been a reality for many years. Bachelor’s degrees are recognized worldwide.

You want to know more? To recognize the Dutch diplomas.


Do I have any chances of finding a place to study?

In Holland, there are only a few courses with admission restrictions. These include in particular medicine and psychology. In most subjects, you just have to sign up. However: In the first year of study you have to prove that you can meet the requirements!

More about application and admission in Holland.

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