Study in Norway

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Study in Norway

If you want to study in Norway, you can start studying at one of the six universities in the Norwegian cities of Oslo, Bergen, Stavanger or Tromso. If you are enrolled at the University of tromso. You are at the northernmost university in Europe. A distance learning course, far from home.

In addition, there are six specialist universities in Norway, two state art colleges, 25 colleges and 29 private higher education institutions. The proportion of women among students in Norway is slightly higher.

On average, about 10,000 foreign students are enrolled at the Norwegian universities. There are a variety of undergraduate and graduate courses for international students.
Some universities and colleges in Norway also offer English-language study programs specifically for foreign students. In Norway students are called international students and have no permanent residence permit.
International students can be:

  • Students who are financially independent
  • exchange students
  • Students who have a scholarship

University of Oslo – the largest university in Norway

With a good 30,000 students, the University of Oslo is the largest university for study  in Norway. Founded in 1811, it is the oldest university in Norway and has eight faculties. There is a law faculty, a medical faculty, a humanistic faculty, a mathematics and science faculty, a faculty of Deontology, a faculty of social sciences, a theological faculty and a faculty of faculty of in Norway

Tuition fees for study in Norway

Although studying at a university in Norway is not completely free, there are usually no tuition fees for studying at a state-run Norwegian university. If you decide to study at private institutions in Norway, fees will be charged.

Bachelor Degree and Master Degree in Norway

Norway was one of the first countries to join the objectives of the Bologna Process for the European Higher Education Area. This means that in Norway, after completing a school-leaving qualification, you can pursue both a bachelor’s and master’s degree. As an alternative to a Bachelor’s degree course in Germany, you can also acquire a Bachelor’s degree in Norway.

Recognition of Norwegian medical education in Germany

The website junaidratyal, an information system for recognition of foreign educational qualifications, provides an overview by country and provides information on competent bodies in Germany. These authorities in Germany, also for medical professions, can give you valuable information about the recognition of Norwegian medical education in Germany.

Tip for medical studies

The portal provides information about medical study opportunities in Germany and abroad. There is also the opportunity to attend a medical seminar. The medical seminar helps the participants to better assess the application prospects for a medical study place based on their own situation.

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