Study in Switzerland

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Study in Switzerland

Study in Switzerland is a small country and has just over eight million inhabitants. However, there are around 90 universities here, which offer above all good teaching, excellent care and excellent facilities. There are also a handful of well-known hotel schools and private colleges in Switzerland. Each year about 10,000 German students decide to study in Switzerland. However, one has to say that studying in Switzerland is particularly popular in the southern German border regions. The tuition fees vary greatly, depending on the university and region.

International position for Study in Switzerland

The State Secretariat for Education and Research and the Swiss Universities, you will find not only the rankings of Swiss universities on relevant international rankings (reviews such as the “Times World University Rankings”), but also background information such as information on development and methods of rankings.

In Switzerland you can also find some of the best and most expensive private schools in the world, from kindergarten to university age

Admission Requirements Study in Switzerland

For information about admission to study in Switzerland or further education in Switzerland, the individual institutions (university, college, etc.) are responsible.


Foreign students who wish to complete a basic course in Switzerland must be able to demonstrate a good knowledge of the language of instruction. Language tests are usually held twice a year, in June and in August / September.

study in switzerland

Bachelor’s degree

Swiss higher education institutions require students from abroad to obtain an ID card that would enable them to study at university in their home country and that corresponds to a federally recognized matura certificate (abitur).

See also “Recognition of Diplomas” below. The individual universities themselves decide which ID cards they accept. You can still make the recording dependent on further specifications.

Tuition fee

As in Germany, universities in Switzerland are to a large extent financed with public money (cantons and federal government). Tuition fees are relatively cheap compared to countries like the US or the UK.

They vary depending on the university and generally move between 1000 and 1500 francs per academic year, so they are roughly comparable to the fees in Bavaria.


Through the Federal Scholarship Commission for Foreign Students (ESKAS), Switzerland grants foreign students from numerous countries.

Including neighboring countries Germany, Austria and Italy, but also countries such as the USA, China or India.

Scholarships to study at one of the Swiss universities, the Swiss Federal Institutes of Technology, conservatories or art colleges (art scholarship) and selected universities of applied sciences.

Exchange programs

In 2010, Switzerland signed a comprehensive bilateral agreement on cooperation in the field of education with the European Union. It came into force on 1 January 2011.

The aim of EU education and youth programs is to improve the supply and mobility of education and training.

Among the EU programs in the higher education sector, in which Switzerland participates fully from the fall semester 2011.

For years, Switzerland has been indirectly involved in the Erasmus program, which has built up a network of higher education institutions that enable students to exchange terms.


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