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Study psychology in Germany

Psychology study psychology in Germany is considered one of the most popular fields of study in Germany. This includes not only classical psychology studies, but also more and more interdisciplinary study programs. For example, business psychology can be studied with a degree in business administration in order to be optimally prepared for working in business.

study psychology in Germany by distance learning

Psychology studies are now also offered in Germany as distance learning. The benefits of distance learning are driving more and more students to opt for this form of learning. Above all, those who are limited in their ability to work or who are locally bound can study in a flexible way through distance learning.

The same applies to students who work in parallel and therefore can not be present daily in the lecture hall. In addition, the numerous Clausius for a psychology degree at many universities is so high that many applicants get no study place. For distance learning, however, there is no selection according to the grade of the school degree.

The exact contents – for example, whether clinical psychology is part of the curriculum – vary in distance learning from university to university. However, they are in no way inferior to the requirements and the reputation of a “normal” university with presence times.Study Psychology in Germany

However, distance learning students should be aware that this type of study requires a special degree of ambition, motivation, and self-organization.

Course of a German distance learning program

study psychology in Germany anyone who decides to study at a distance will receive the corresponding study documents by post and then work through them on an auto didactic basis. If you have any questions, you will usually find an online campus, numerous online forums and faculty members by e-mail and telephone. Submissions are to be made during the study and sent to the university for grading. Apart from the on-site exam dates, students can decide freely when and where they are learning.

 The exam locations are usually located in different, larger cities in Germany. Students who are abroad can sometimes take their exams there. For example, the Euro-FH has 8 foreign locations, for example in the USA, China or Spain.

Admission also safe for foreign students for study psychology in Germany

While attendance colleges usually reserve a certain number of study places for foreign students, this is not even required for distance learning. Since there are no limited places here, anyone who fulfills the usual admission requirements at a German university can enroll in psychology studies. With waiting semesters is not expected. Depending on the university, students can also start their studies directly without having to wait until the beginning of the next semester.

German psychology studies – not only possible from Germany

Distance students from abroad can freely choose their place of residence during their studies. So you do not necessarily have to live permanently in Germany to study here. The distance learning psychology students can also spend most of their time from their home country, but at the same time benefit from the good German education system. A bachelor’s or master’s degree acquired in Germany also enables graduates to gain a foothold in Germany later on.

Completion of psychology studies in Germany

Since the Bologna reform, study psychology in Germany in English have also ended in Germany with a bachelor’s degree. After that you can participate in a master program. In addition, however, some universities still offer the psychology degree with the diploma degree. However, the current distance universities only award bachelor’s or master’s degrees.

Become a psychotherapist without studying

In Germany it is possible to treat patients as psychotherapists for psychotherapy. This does not require a classical university degree. Instead, a written and an oral exam are filed before the health department.

The preparation study psychology in Germany for Indian Students for these examinations is not uniformly regulated, but is often also carried out via distance learning.

Examination at the Health Department, however, requires that foreign applicants have a valid residence permit.

German citizenship is not necessary. However, a minimum age of 25 years and a perfect police certificate of good conduct are required to be allowed to work in Germany as a psychotherapist.

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