Studying in Germany Application

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Studying in Germany Application

Anyone who decides to Studying in Germany Application has made a good choice, because a stay abroad can bring a lot of positives. But first, it is important to get the place at the desired university. No matter if you are studying for the full degree or only for a semester abroad, the places are very limited and the competition is big. It is therefore important to inform yourself early and to do all the necessary formalities.

Master program in Germany

If you want to complete the entire bachelor or master program in Germany you have to apply as an international student as well as the German students, but there are often even more limited places for international students.

Since there is still no central allocation of places in Germany for Studying in Germany Application, the application is made directly at the respective university. This can be confusing as there are very different application procedures depending on the degree program and the university.

Accordingly, you have to meet different admission requirements, meet different deadlines and submit different documents.

First of all, it is therefore most important to look at the homepage of the universities or to call the responsible consultants and to find out exactly which prerequisites have to be met, what special features foreign students must observe and which documents must be completed.

Here, however, can be given a rough overview of what you generally have to pay attention, but individual universities or subjects may deviate from it.

Admission-free study programs

First of all, a distinction is made between admission-free and restricted-admission courses of study. Admission-free study programs can be studied without a special grade point average or other prerequisites all that is required is an application and enrollment for formal reasons.

Studying in Germany Application

With restricted admission programs, on the other hand, there is a limit beyond which one is no longer taken.

Usually this is determined by grades and above a certain grade point average (numerus clauses: NC) one is no longer taken.

This can vary from year to year, depending on how many applicants there are. However, it is often possible to supplement his grade point average if you were not included on this.

For example, internships, completed training, social work or military service can be counted Studying in Germany Application.

Depending on what and how long you have done something, the activity raises the average by a few points.

Anyone who is not sure what can be credited, just ask the university.

If you have a realistic chance to get into the desired study program, you can put together the application. This includes in any case the completed application form of the university and a certified copy of the diploma (Abitur or equivalent). For international students, language certificates, residence permits and the like are added, but more information can be found on all application pages of the universities. The application usually runs initially via an online form, which must be completed.

Study Medicine Programs in Germany

One exception is admission-restricted degree programs, which are restricted in admission throughout Germany, including the subjects of medicine, dentistry, pharmacy and veterinary medicine.

Otherwise, as a foreign student, you must send your application to the International Office or apply via uni-assist. The main task of uni-assist is the evaluation of international certificates. Since uni-assist does not receive any state funding, the preliminary examination is chargeable. As a rule, the costs incurred for the verification of the proof of education are borne by the applicant for Studying in Germany Application.

study in Germany for one semester

If you only want to study in Germany for one semester, you can do so through partner programs of your own university. You usually apply for one’s own university and get all the information there as well.

For all applications, please send them in time. Application deadline is often up to half a year before the start of studies and who missed the deadline is no longer taken. It is also advisable not to wait until the last day of the deadline, but to send the application as early as possible to submit any missing documents.

Those who get informed early should not get any problems due to the application and can look forward to studying abroad.

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