Studying in Germany in English

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Studying in Germany in English

If you would like to Studying in Germany in English, but prefer to study in English to learn two languages ​​better, or who still does not know enough German and does not feel confident enough to study in German, you can also consider the option in Germany to study in English.


More and more universities are also offering degree programs in English. Especially in master programs, this is now becoming more common. But many Bachelor’s programs are also offered in English. These then often carry the addition International. English-language courses in the subjects of economics and social sciences are very common, but also natural sciences, medicine and agricultural sciences are increasingly following.


The degree programs are then not only in English, but also put a lot of emphasis on international aspects and content.

Study German Courses in English

For many foreign students, study courses in English are a great way to study in another country and learn both the language of the country during leisure time and to improve your English while studying. So also students have the chance to go to Germany, which previously did not have the opportunity to take a German course for Studying in Germany in English. As a rule, no language certificates of the German language are required for the English-language degree programs.

Studying in Germany in English

If you would like to take this opportunity, you can search for the right course of study in two ways. First, at the desired university. The English-language courses also have English titles and are so well recognizable. So you can see whether the desired university offers an English-language study program, which lies in its own field of study.

German Academic Exchange Service

In addition,Studying in Germany in English For Pakistani Students you can find on the pages of the DAAD (German Academic Exchange Service) a list of all English-language courses in Germany. If you already have very specific ideas, you can also search directly for suitable programs using the search function.

This can also be found on the homepage of the DAAD. Here you will also find the most important information about the program and its contents

All information provided by the DAAD is written in English, so that you can find your way around without having to speak German and choose the right course of study.

German Language Study Programs

The international degree courses usually take students who want to spend the entire Bachelor or Master there. Those who only want to spend a semester abroad in Germany usually come to partner universities that offer German-language study programs, as it is more effective in this short time to learn the language. But even here there may be exceptions and as a freemover you can also choose your favorite university and apply directly.


Even if you study in English, a semester abroad in Germany is a great experience. You can still learn German with the help of language courses and in free time with other students and at the same time complete an internationally oriented degree.

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