Top 5 Ways to Make Money Online

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Top 5 Ways to Make Money Online

Make money on the internet? Absolutely possible with a little bit of skill! We’ll show you how to do it and introduce you to the best Top 5 ways to Make Money Online At Home.

Make Money Online on the Internet

More and more people are showing that it is possible to make money online.

The whole thing is not even as abstract as you think.

After all, it’s usually just about getting as many visitors as possible.

If you have internet connection and a laptop so that’s it.

5 Ways to Earn Money Online by Junaid Ratyal

You can easily Make Money Online in Pakistan or Make Money online in India or if you live anywhere in the world you can easily Earn Money Online through these real ways.

How Can I Make Money Online From Home?

Ha-ha it’s not an issue. Because I have best top 5 ways .But if you have patient and want to do hard work then these methods works for you.

But if you think you can earn lots of money in just 1 night without any hard work then these methods not work for you.

Just spend some days or months with the help of your laptop or internet connection or hard work you can easily make money from home.

Make Money Online Fast My Personal Experience

Making big money from one day to the next without being an expert in the respective area is hardly possible.

My thinking is: nothing is impossible, but in terms of making quick money on the internet you have to be honest.

If you want to make money online fast, then be careful about what deals you get involved with.

Pay for nothing that promises you to earn thousands of euros from one day to the next.

I am a blogger or also a YouTuber and I earned lots of money in last year from online methods.

  1. Make Money Online with AdSense

What is AdSense?

AdSense is the Google Ads Platform which provides different company ads online. The easiest way to understand it is that.

When c Company launch in market then the company do marketing on Google through banner and vertical ads.

And then Google Put these ads on Your Website then you and Google Both Earned a handsome amount of J Dollars $.

Make Money With Adsense

How Can I Earned with Google AdSense?

If you want to Earn money with AdSense and work with it then Website is the most important thing. You must have a website. If you have a website then work on it and rank it in Google and Get More and More traffic on it.

After Ranking Apply for Google AdSense. When Your Application approved you can easily put ads in your website and Earn with it. Reference

Benefits of AdSense Earning

  • It will take you 5 minutes to sign up for Google AdSense and create the first ad. In addition, there is no major problem then this ad code to incorporate in your own website. For example, plugins can help.
  • After installation, there is basically no care required. You do not have to replace the banners again and again or go on the search for advertisers, as is the case for direct marketing. Instead, Google takes care of all this and takes a lot of work from us.
  • Google is the Internet Company par excellence and the spread of AdWords and AdSense is extremely large. For this reason, there are also many advertisers in worlwide who also cover more specific topics.
  • AdSense is created quickly, if you want it, but you can also make many adjustments and optimizations to the ads. This applies to the layout as well as, for example, the filter options for the displayed advertisement.
  • The scores in the AdSense account are exemplary. That way, it’s really easy to see what impact certain changes have had. In addition, you can take a closer look at individual ads through channels.
  • Previously, the AdSense ads were only shown based on the surrounding text. Google claims to pay around 68% of its revenue to AdSense publishers.
  1. Make Money with YouTube

Oh Yeah YouTube is the Second Best option. If you have a YouTube Channel of Original Content then you can easily Make Money Online on YouTube in Pakistan or in Other Countries.

Make money with YouTube

How Earn Money on YouTube Works?

Basically YouTube is also the Google Product Google Buy it in 2005. And then Google planned it to attach with AdSense and create lots of money.

When you create a YouTube channel or upload a video on it. Then google put ads in your video. When peoples watch your video then ads will be show.

So if someone click on your ads then you will earn through this ad click.

YouTube AdSense Requirements:

In 2018 YouTube launch latest policies. According to these policies you must Have 1000 Subscribers and 4000 Minutes Watch Time if You Want to Get Approved Your AdSense Account. Reference

So if you follow these instructions then you can easily earn money with YouTube.

3: Make Money Online with Drop Shipping

Yeah the third best way of Earn Money through Drop Shipping. It’s a paid method. If you have some good amount of money then you can easily earn money with drop shipping.

Make Money with Shopify

What is Drop Shipping?

Drop Shipping is a method to sell products through your own store.

To understand the features and benefits of Drop Shipping, first look at the structures of traditional, classic online commerce.

The dealer chooses a specific product area, looks for suitable manufacturers, importers or wholesalers and places their products in his own online shop.

He calculates the required quantities of the individual products, buys them from the respective supplier and stores the goods in his own premises.

If there is an order, the corresponding goods are taken from the warehouse, packaged for transport and shipped to the respective end customer.

This trading model has significant consequences in terms of cash requirements, workload and business risk.

The products offered must be purchased in reasonable quantities in advance. This requires sufficient seed capital and binds funds.

Drop Shipping with Aliexpress.

If you have no money to buy or stock product in your ware house then you can easily work with AliExpress.

It’s an online store which provides lots of products you can easily sell her products and earn money.

How is it Work?

  • Create a Website on Shopify or WordPress
  • Use Oberlo Plugin to Extract Products on ali express
  • Upload on your site
  • Promote through Facebook ads
  • And Earn money online with selling products
  1. Make Money Online with Clickbank

 ClickBank is also a product selling website.

Lots of peoples join clickbank create account on it and upload their products to sell.

Make Money with Clickbank

How Can We Work with Clickbank?

Basically when a user upload their product on click bank.

Then user provides referral links.

When we use these link and share their products with other.

If someone order or buy the product with the referral link which we share with others then click bank give us a good percentage after order a product.

Which is called Earn Money with Affiliate Marketing. This is the best way to earn money through sell product.

Where we share Click Bank Products?

We share click bank products on Facebook, YouTube videos comments, message, or through banners.


  1. Make Money Online with Affiliate Marketing

What is Affiliate Marketing?

Affiliate marketing comes from the USA and is often referred to as a partner program in this country.

Simply put, it is an internet-based commission system.

For example, companies that sell products online in a shop pay commissions to website owners who “send” visitors to their store, which then buys something.

Unlike, for example, normal banner advertising, the remuneration for affiliate marketing is performance-based.

So you get as a website operator (also called affiliate or partner) so only a commission if the mediated Internet users on the company website does something specific.

So, for example, shopping.

For example

I can get 1,000 visitors to my site to click on an affiliate link (which can of course be an ad banner with a corresponding affiliate link).

If you do not buy anything in the shop where you got the click, I will earn 0, – Euro.


But if I manage to get 10 people to click on an affiliate link and 5 of them buy something in the shop, I get 5 x commission.

Benefits of Affiliate Marketing

    • Online marketers receive free advertising space and pay only for proven results (pay for sale, per click, and per lead).
    • Affiliates, on the other hand, only need a promotional space to promote the merchant’s products, so you can watch the beautiful sunset and earn money.
    • Advertisers can promote their products to a large audience, giving more awareness and exposure to their brands.
    • Marketers can work with affiliate networks and can pretty much take care of the execution stages, leaving the trader with little or no use during the process.
    • Consumers who come from the affiliate website can provide important information about new trends and requirements. Reference

Disadvantages of Affiliate Marketing

  • Misrepresentation on the Affiliate’s website can destroy the reputation of the merchant. More and more affiliates are getting involved with this kind of scheme.
  • Marketers can suffer from the cost of the commission. Setup and maintenance can also mean more outflow for the marketer if he has too many affiliates.
  • Affiliates do not risk being paid. A crooked businessman simply leave the program without payment to the affiliate or close.
  • With this high payout potential, affiliate marketing is targeted at scammers and conniving individuals who benefit from the hard work of others.
  • These people simply take advantage of the mask of anonymity of the internet.

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