Top ten reasons to study in Germany

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Top ten reasons to study in Germany


Germany is an ideal place to seek higher education with the following being the top ten reasons to study in Germany:

  1.  With more than 409 advanced education institutions the nation over, Germany gives every student the likelihood to pick from more than 14,500 Bachelor and Master degree programs.
  2.  11 out of the 16 states in Germany have no educational cost charges by any means, while a few states require a most extreme of just 500€ every year.
  3.  German colleges and their expert scholastic staff offer high caliber and an extremely effective mode of instruction in Engineering, Medicine, Science and Economics.
  4.  The typical cost for basic items, all things considered, is around 700-800€ including rent, nourishment, transport, medical insurance, phone/internet, study materials and leisure.
  5.  There are numerous grant conceivable outcomes offered for international students to support their look out for higher education by DAAD (German Academic Exchange Service) and furthermore numerous political and business related grants are available.
  6.  Numerous colleges and universities offer international courses in English medium too. However, learning German is the key towards a successful career in Germany and is highly recommended.
  7.  International students are permitted to work for 90 full working days or 180 half working days in a year so as to help cater their expenditure. The most common salaries for student workers is 10-15 Euros on an hourly basis.
  8. International students are permitted to remain in the country for a year and half after their graduation in order for them to find them a job or continue with their further studies.
  9. Other than studying, you have the opportunity to live and explore one of the world’s most celebrated nations and its novel culture, history and modern infrastructure
  10.  Regardless of whether you’ll study as an international student, appreciate a brew at Oktoberfest, eat a top notch Worst hot dog in Frankfurt or watch a Bayern football match, you’ll have an extraordinary roller coaster ride-ques time in Germany.

Why Study in Germany

Germany is the third most prevalent destination among international students on the planet. More than twelve percent of students at German colleges originate from abroad. So why study in Germany? Well, Germany is an alluring spot to study and German college degrees are regarded as one of the finest in the world. The trademark itself, #educationmadeingermany that Eurasia Instiute Germany also stands by bosses around the world.

Why Study in Germany for Engineering


Go to top-positioned colleges in the engineering field. German colleges are constantly present in all presumed college rankings, yet they are additionally recognized for their critical commitments in the engineering field.

When you say why study in Germany for engineering, you instantly think about protected and present day streets, best autos on the planet and a wide range of mechanical innovations. All these are the aftereffects of tremendous research and advancements in the engineering and innovation field made in Germany.

So it’s very clear for any international student that searches for an engineering degree to first consider his or her study choices in Germany.

Why Germany for Masters

Why Germany for Masters? Germany is a standout among  the most prominent goals for students around the world. Almost 13% of international students at German colleges originate from abroad.

More than 1,300 global Master and PhD degree programs in a vast assortment of orders are instructed in English and most courses at state funded colleges don’t charge educational cost expenses. So when we say why Germany for masters? These are factors that make Germany the most a key educational destination for most international students:


Germany advantages and disadvantages



German colleges offer fantastic educating and research, positioning among the best on the planet.



German colleges give extraordinary scholarly projects, while colleges of connected sciences offer a scope of appealing, practice-arranged alternatives. Many examination programs join hypothesis and practice.


In correlation with different nations, Germany is very a safe country. Nearby or in the countryside, by day or by night, you can move around openly here.


Find the excellence and diversity Germany brings to the table! When you require some serious energy off from your examinations, there are 1001 methods for discovering more about your host nation. For instance, you can go to a historical center, a silver screen or a theater, you can sit in a brew plant, you can go for a stroll on a shoreline, you can swim in a lake, climb a mountain or visit an old palace.



Compared to other European nations, the cost of living in Germany is very reasonable. The costs for sustenance, accommodation, garments, cultural occasions, and so forth are basically in accordance with the EU average. You will require around 700-800 Euros a month to cover your living expenses. The largest cost is your monthly rental lease.

Why study business in Germany?

Here are five reason of why study business in Germany:

  1. The German economy is one of the strongest in the world offering several job opportunities.
  2. German focuses immensely on its R&D and investments a lot with regards to finances and human capital as well.
  3. Innovation and economic freedom to invest in any business makes it one of the most favorable destinations for foreign investors
  4. Not all work and no play in freedom

Why work in Germany

  1. Here are top five reasons of why we should choose Germany for work:
  2. Germany is the largest economy in Europe with an extremely competent and educated labor force
  3. With German being the primary language and of daily use in offices, several of the global organizations and new startups offer work in English language as well.
  4. Germany is the face behind the EU along with France making the German work permit very useful with regards to traveling and seeking opportunities in Europe
  5. The standard of living in Germany is extremely high with low monthly costs to go with.
  6. With the standard options of usually 20-25 days of holiday available in the entire year, Germany offers extremely student friendly and employee friendly environments for international and local workers


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