Tuition Free Universities in Germany

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Tuition Free Universities in Germany

If African students are thinking that it’s hard to study for free or in low-cost universities in a European country like Germany, they should think again. There are many tuition free universities in Germany that are even open for learning for international students. Germany caters to the education of the students through many government funded and non-government scholarships.

Many of the scholarships are for international students as well. So, African students can pursue their education and study in Germany with ease respectively. If they are eligible for any scholarship, then the education expense surely decreases or becomes none at all.

The universities in Germany offer undergraduate programs for free, so a huge number of international students come to Germany every year. Some programs or courses are provide in Germany. Yet, with ever-growing number of English-language programs in English, the international students can learn them in English as well.

An African student can enroll for undergraduate and graduate programs in different fields. A German institute or university has set pretty nominal tuition fees for MS Programs. Many of the teaching-free universities in Germany are funded through grants or loans. Yet, students have to bear the accommodation and food expense that varies with the place and the city.

A typical MS program in universities in Germany will require the African students to first clear the higher education entrance qualification exam. However, an undergraduate program level program completed in native university is considered eligible to pursue Master’s program in Germany. Still, there are a few masters programs that are meant for those who have earned least number of credit hours in specific areas of research.

The applications for masters programs either get published on the official website or the forms are available in the respective college or university. There is a centralized service that keep tracks of the candidates and notifies those who meet all the criteria keeping into account their desired institutions. Further assessment of applications also takes place if required.

Not all of the universities use the centralized service to filter students. Those that do require the job seekers to complete their own program process. Each organization notifies them about the documents that are required and the software to process the application.

Normally, students are required to post an official duplicate of their educational qualifications, a passport sized photocopy, copy of their passport and the proof language effectiveness exam results. It is also possible that a credit card application payment gets billed.

Study Masters in Germany

If the students have completed their bachelor’s program in Germany then, they can pursue their Master’s program for free in different colleges.

The Master’s programs in Germany are divided into two categories. One being consecutive and other being non-consecutive respectively. The former category focuses on academics knowledge that is achieved through a related bachelor-level program. The latter non-consecutive category focuses on those programs that lead to professional development.

Why choose Germany for Master’s Program?

Germany is the ideal place to pursue Master’s program because majority of the academic institutes are really cheap. Many students study in international university in Germany as well where world class programs are also offered in different areas.

If you as an African student are unsure of who to talk to and how to go about study in Germany, it’s better to contact the admissions official of the concerned institute to get more information. In fact, you should reach us as we (Eurasia Institute) assist students with their educational solutions whether they are students, professionals and even for the educational institutes.

Many of the academic institutes especially Germany universities ranking is high in Europe due to their provision of modern and quality education at affordable expense as well. Just contact us and we will gladly help you in your educational endeavors.


Tuition Free Universities in Germany
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Tuition Free Universities in Germany
There are many tuition free universities in Germany that are even open for learning for international students. Germany caters to the education of the..
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