What is Domain Name? And Types of Domain Name

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What is Domain Name


I am Junaid Ratyal going to tell you about domain what is domain name and the type of domain name.

So if you are a blogger and start a blog and do SEO and rank on Google .So first thing you need for your website is Domain Name.

So friend any kind of name of a website is call domain name mean my website name is junaidratyal.com so this name is called domain name.

So what kind of types:

There are 2 types of Domains:

1: Brand Domain.

2: EMD Domain (Exact Match Domain).


What is Brand Name?

Brand Name is the name like Facebook, olx,    YouTube, google such kind of name which have no meaning are called brand name.

If you have investment so then you can select brand otherwise no.

What is EMD Name?

EMD name mean exact match domain name mean if you type any kind of keyword on Google Like this.

On Page SEO) and you book this domain name like this www.onpageseo.com is called EMD Name.

So friends there are two types of domains so first of all follow my video which I attach in my post.

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