What is Dropshipping ?

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What is dropshipping?

Dropship is a retail fulfillment method in which the retailer does not keep any goods in stock but forwards the end customer orders and shipping details directly to the supplier, who then ships the goods directly to the end customer. Sellers derive their profit from the difference between the supplier and the selling price paid by the supplier to the seller.

Since you’re running dropshipping products at Shopify & WordPress & WooCommerce & eBay & Amazon, etc., it’s better to work with just one dropshipping partner who takes care of everything related to products and fulfillment.

How does the shipping of Shopify & WordPress & WooCommerce & eBay & Amazon etc .:

You can list or download products from Aliexpress, Alibaba Wholesale Page and List them at Shopify on & WordPress & WooCommerce & eBay & Amazon, etc. or sell your website without first buying them.
When the item is sold, you will collect the retail price and shipping costs from your customer.
Then send us the (lower) wholesale price + the shipping and handling fee.
We ship the items to your customer and send you the shipping or tracking information.
Your profit is the difference between the retail price and the wholesale price and not inventory.

Why do you have to use Drop Shipping?

The traditional problem of e-commerce business is the inventory. As we all know, marketing a category of products that only produce a lot of sales with a few products may offer hundreds of products in your store, but only with multiple products. And you have to store them in your warehouse, even if there are no sales. As there is a minimum order quantity on Alibaba when you receive products to your warehouse. In most cases, this inventory will devour your margin and you will also have to pay the salary to your warehouse workers. You also spend a lot of time with products and inventory.

Now things have changed. As entrepreneurs, all people should focus on their strengths. Chinese are good at production and shipping. The people in Europe or America are good at marketing. Then it comes to dropshipping, it makes every resource a good match, saves the garbage. MOQ will be gone as drop shipping will not make MOQ. Drop-Shipping providers can deliver the products to the various vendors to reach the MOQ. Marketing can also save time and spend more time on marketing and brand building. Drop-Shipping providers usually charge very few that will be less than this work of your own.

Do some people complain Drop shipping is a lie?

In fact, people saying that this is the one who gives up drop shipping should be easy, as a baby who plays, but nothing is easy to be a success.

Want to see how many Drop Shipping orders we’ve processed for Shopify or WooCommerce sellers every day? The drop shipment continues to grow. You think it’s a lie because you did not find a good supplier to support your business. The drop shipping business itself is a good model as the shipping method is the key point. Solve the shipping problem, so that the shipment is bright! Fortunately, we have our warehouse in the US to solve this problem! Loser says it’s a lie, the winners are diligent until; deep night and no time to talk about this topic.

Why is dropshipping still very hot?

We are a dropshipping company that was founded only in a few years. We only start with several orders a day and then hundreds, then thousands, and now we process hundreds of thousands of orders every day. We start with jewelry, then baby, at home, then electronics, television, clothes, and then crafts. Some direct mailers gave up because the Facebook ads had changed and they could not take them over. Most of them insisted on doing so and they are becoming an ever-larger international e-commerce company and have several brands. We are also growing from 1 people to 100+ people teams, and soon we will be 300+ people teams. We grow as more and larger shippers succeed, then we succeed.

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