What is the TestDaf?

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What is the TestDaf?

 The TestDaf is a language proficiency examination for foreign students that aspire to study in Germany. The TestDaf is also required if you are needed to provide language proficiency certification at your university or college. The formulation of the name is derived from the words “Test” and “DaF” (Deutsch ALS Fremdsprache) meaning learning the German language as an international student.

In its main headquarters at Hagen (Germany) the TestDaf examination is planned, created and marked. However, TestDaf provides students from over 70 countries the opportunity to take the examination in their home country licensed test Centers. The TestDaf examination is conducted 6 times in a year. TestDaf maintains its high standards as the examinations are rated and marked by extremely qualified people. The TestDaf is highly recognized as all German universities consider it a solid proof of German language proficiency.

TestDaf required for University Admission

The main objective of the TestDaf examination is to test the abilities of students that are planning to study in a German university which requires German language proficiency.

Most universities in Germany have their own individual policies with regards to the score that is acceptable, however generally if you gain at least TDN 4 in each of the parts, you will have a good chance of entering university based on language qualification.

A score of 4 shows satisfactory performance with 5 denoting a healthy command over the German language. It is also noteworthy for students to fulfill all other university entrance requirements (legal and financial, for instance) in order to qualify for German universities.

Usually most university websites display all the necessary academic and other requirements students need to fulfill. TestDaf examination is a proof of a foreign student’s German language proficiency, like the IELTS (International English Language Testing System) exam for English language proficiency.

The TestDaf is also required for intermediate and advance level German language learners that need certification (proof) of their language proficiency in order to either get a job or develop their professional career or to get a visa extension either in the host country of their home country. It is recommended that only after an intermediate level of German language learning has been achieved, should the student attempt the TestDaf examination.

What to expect in a TestDaF exam

The TestDaF exam comprises of four major sets making the TestDaf modellsatz (model set):

  1. Reading (3 reading texts within 60 minutes)
  2. Listening (3 listening texts within 40 minutes)
  3. Writing (1 written assignment within 60 minutes)
  4. Speaking (7 speaking assignments within 30 minutes)

The TestDaf examination lasts for a total of 3 hours and 10 minutes excluding any breaks.

The TestDaF gives students the opportunity to prepare for each specific part separately. In order to understand and get accustomed with the structure of the examination, students can practice with Modellsätze (model tests), that can be found on the official TestDaf website.

TestDaf at the Eurasia Institute Germany

Eurasia is a listed TestDaF examination centre. The digital language lab technology, modern classroom infrastructure and devoted teachers provide students with the best environment to prepare for the TestDaF exam. The Eurasia education department is always glad to assist students with the registration of the exam as well.

It is recommended that the process of TestDaf sprung anmeldung (examination registration) should be made in advance, to be able to be part of the examination format training program that lasts 2 weeks (60 units).


Moreover, TestDaf Vorbereitung courses in Berlin that include TestDaf musterprüfung (practice pattern tests) to learn the format of the examination and to master examination skills. Several other German language institutes such as the Hartnackschule Berlin offer TestDaf Vorbereitungskurs (TestDaf preparation courses). Each different city in Germany also holds its own TestDaf centre typically known by the city’s name, such as TestDaf Frankfurt with its own preparatory courses known as TestDaf Franfkurt Vorbereitungskurs.

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