Work and Travel in Germany

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Work and Travel in Germany

The international students and professionals can work and travel in Germany which is a popular destination for quality education and respectable jobs. The presence of work and travel programs fulfilling both the needs have proven to add value immensely so work and travel in Germany for students is one of the preferred choices in Europe.

Student work permit Germany

There are three types of study visa that international students require to study in Germany.

  1. Language Course Visa: This is required by those that want to learn the German language.
  2. Student Application Visa: This visa is for those students that are trying to find the right program or those who are awaiting confirmation letter from their university.
  3. Student Visa: When a student gets accepted in a university, he needs to obtain this visa.

The international students need to apply for the respective visas from the German consulate or Embassy in their country. The work and travel Germany visa is granted after an interview gets cleared by the respective student in their native German embassy.

Study and work in Germany for international students

The best part to pursue higher studies in Germany is the availability of many scholarships. There are numerous government funded and non-government funded scholarships that bring the cost to bear minimum or none at all.

So, we get to see numerous students from across the world to study in some of the prestigious colleges and universities in Germany.

Besides studying, students also have the advantage to work in Germany. They are restricted to some number days when they can work.

That is either they can work for 240 half days each year or 120 full days in a year. Students from the EU do not need a work permit and can work up to 20 hours per week.

If some students wish to stay in Germany after graduation to seek work, with a residence permit they can extend their stay in Germany as well. They are eligible to search for jobs for up to 18 months after graduation as long as the job is related to their field for work and travel in Germany for international students.

Study in Germany for international students for Free

When it comes to pursue education in foreign or developed countries like USA, UK, Canada, Australia, many students are apprehensive about the expenses involved. From study expense, to accommodation and food, the cost becomes too much. For Germany, there are many tuition-free universities that international students can enroll to study for free. Such institutes are backed by grants or loans that brings the cost to none at all.

Some global competitions and contests are also held where the students or youth get the chance to win a free trip to Germany respectively.

One such competition for 2017 was the Global Youth Video Competition where participants were asked to submit videos showcasing environment friendly solutions or ideas to sustain the urban and rural communities.

Summer jobs in Germany for students

The students belonging to EU or EEA have the allowance to gain free access to the job market in Germany.

During the term break in summers, they can work on the full-time basis for a maximum of 2 months or 50 working days.

However, non-EU students have different rules and regulations.

They have 120 full days or 240 half days to look and work in summers or any other time of the year when they get a break to do so.

Work after study in Germany for international students

Numerous international students aspire to work in Germany after they graduate in respective programs.

Since there are plenty of good job opportunities, they are keen to gain work experience.

Yet, they need to be informed about the visa and work rules under which they can continue to work in Germany.

Once a program ends, the residence permit automatically expires even if it was granted for longer time period.

So, before it expires the students are requested to renew it from the Foreigner’s Registration office by requesting to extend the residence permit so that they are able to work or to study further in Germany.

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