YouTube Earning How to Earn Money on YouTube

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YouTube Earning Earn Money on YouTube

Hello everyone welcome to our site today i’m gonna tell you How to Earn money on YouTube and how to Create lots of money through YouTube Earning in Pakistan ,India and Bangladesh or in other Country.

YouTube Earning Requirements

If you want to Earn Money on YouTube in Pakistan the basics requirements are: First you Have a  YouTube Channel on  which you can upload your videos and earn money online.Videos any kind of video you have if you have any kind of skill then create videos on Your Skill and upload on  YouTube and Create your own Audience.

How Can YouTube Pay Us

YouTube pay us with adsense . Adsense is a Google partner program which attach ads on Our videos. When user comes on our videos then after 12 Sec Adsense show ads and when any one click on ads then Google Adsense Pay us and good amount or Dollar $ on Per click which is called CPC(Click Per Cost).

YouTube Earning How to Earn Money on YouTube

YouTube Policies 2018 for Adsense

If you want to Earn Money with YouTube then Please must read these new policies which Google Create in April 1 2018:

If you Want to Attach Your channel with adsense then your channel and Make Money with Adsense must meet these requirements.

  • You have must 4000 Minutes overall watch time on your channel
  • Must have 1000 Subscribers.
  • You Channel must have Original and full of informational videos
  • All videos are created by you.
  • Please do not use any kind of copyright videos if you use then YouTube will Banned you.
  • If you follow these all requirements then you can easily Attach  YouTube Channel with Adsense.

How To Make Money Online in Pakistan

In Pakistan, India and  Bangladesh YouTube very strict because lots of peoples doing scam with youTube and upload misleading content that’s why YouTube create these kind of policies for asian countries.So please do real work otherwise you will be banned .

How To Create Channel on YouTube

If you want to Create a YouTube Channel then follow these instructions.

  • First you must have a Gmail Account.
  • Then go on Google and Click on YouTube.
  • Then Click Your Gmail Icon then u see a drop down list then click Create YouTube Channel.
  • Click on Create Channel then Put your First or Last Name and Click on Submit.
  • That’s it Your Channel is Created.

Follow the instructions and you can easily create your own YouTube Channel . After this find your best niche or category on which you can work then start created your videos and upload on youtube.

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